Removal from work: myth or reality?

Dec, 13 2017

The list of reasons for an employee’s removal from work is strictly regulated in Russia. The State labor inspectorate on its’ web-site reminds that employee can be removed from work when:employee appeared at work under alcohol or any other intoxication;employee did not complete professional safety training and examination;employee did not pass medical inspection or mental observation which is obligatory under law;employee has medical contraindications to work execution;employee has special right suspended for up to two months (e.g. driver or any other type of license) and this leads to impossibility for duties fulfillment;there is a special order of an authorized government body or officer.If one of this case occurs, employer must not allow employee to start work. During the period of removal salary remains unpaid. However, if an employee found not guilty of «professional safety» studies and examination incompleteness, salary has to be paid. At the same time inconsistent removal may lead to employer`s liability.

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Removal from work: myth or reality?
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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