What to do if the CEO leaves the country?

The CEO of the company is the executive body and the main representative of the company. In his absence in the country, the company’s activities often become impossible – he is the only person entitled to act on behalf of the company without a power of attorney and, as a…

Sep, 28 2022
Cryptocurrency can be included in the Civil Code

The Russian authorities may grant businesses the right to conduct international operations with cryptocurrency in 2023. The main information about the innovations is still unknown, for example, it is not clear whether the concept of cryptocurrency will be included in Civil legislation. This definition would be able to distinguish cryptocurrency…

Sep, 21 2022
Sales to foreign clients in 2022

Valen Managing Partner will host a webinar at 18.30 оn October 4. The topic of the webinar: Sales to foreign clients in 2022 During the webinar we will discuss: – What has changed in such sales – everything? Or is it still not? – Have foreign clients and the foreigners…

Sep, 19 2022
Subsidies for companies in 2022.

The government offers a list of measures to support both existing and long-established businesses. Assistance from the state is as follows: Support for travel companies in 2022. The government allocates funds to travel companies, which can be spent on the development (development) of tourist routes, the construction of eco-hotels and…

Sep, 14 2022
Legislative novelties of September 2022

Advertising on the Internet Amendments have been made to the law on advertising. From the first of September, the user is obliged to notify Roskomnadzor about the placement of advertising on the Internet. Otherwise, he faces a fine. Consumer protection The law on consumer Protection has been changed, now the…

Sep, 07 2022
Confirmation of a permanent residence permit in Russia

Contents: Goals and objectives of the notification Notification procedure Advantages of a residence permit For a long time, the validity of a residence permit (residence permit) in Russia was limited to five years. After this period, foreigners were forced to re-submit documents for the extension of a residence permit. Of…

Sep, 01 2022
New partner appointed at Valen

We have great news – Eduard Ioffe, head of Valen’s legal department, has become a partner of the company. On behalf of the entire team, we would like to congratulate  Eduard.

Sep, 01 2022
In Russia, the process of voluntary closure of the company will be simplified

The Government of the Russian Federation has introduced a bill that simplifies the process of closing a business – it will be enough to apply then the company will be liquidated by the tax inspectorate. The purpose of the law is to free the owners of an inactive business from…

Aug, 31 2022
The government has relaxed the requirement for foreign exchange transactions.

On August 22, the Commission of the Government of the Russian Federation for the control of Foreign Investments decided to remove the restriction on the crediting of dividends or the distribution of profits by shares and shares in Russian LLC and JSC, cooperatives to the settlement accounts of foreign banks….

Aug, 24 2022
Possibility to pay for Valen services with a foreign bank card is available again

Now, as before, our clients can pay with their foreign bank card. After confirming scope of work, we will send you a link for payment. You will be charged the amount in the currency of your card at the exchange rate of the US dollar of the card issuing bank….

Aug, 22 2022
The concept of NFT will be legalized.

The concept of NFT may soon appear in the law. Such a measure will protect the rights of holders of non–interchangeable tokens – NFT. An NFT (non-fungible token) is a non-interchangeable or unique digital accounting unit for a unique object. Such a token can be assigned to an image, video,…

Aug, 18 2022
How foreigners implement their business in the Russian Federation.

Business leaves Russia mainly through the conclusion of mergers or acquisitions of companies. Many companies announced in March their desire to reduce investments in the Russian Federation, at the same time, the actual projects implemented are no more than 50 percent of the announced ones. This trend shows that many…

Aug, 10 2022
Pre-trial dispute settlement procedure in the arbitration process. When it’s necessary?

Contents: What you need to know about the pre-trial dispute settlement procedure in the arbitration process What you need to know when drafting and submitting a claim? How to avoid mistakes when making a claim? What is provided in case of violation of the mandatory pre-trial settlement of conflicts in…

Aug, 07 2022
Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes. Tax dispute resolution. Features of the procedure. In which cases is it necessary.

Contents: Features of tax conflicts Administrative procedure for resolving a tax dispute Pre-trial resolution of tax disputes: features of the procedure Pre-trial procedure for the settlement of tax disputes: stages Consideration of a complaint on the settlement of tax disputes on the merits When it is necessary to resort to…

Aug, 07 2022
The Ministry of Economic Development has introduced legislative amendments to regulate the NFT.

The Ministry is going to amend the law to regulate the NFT (immutable token) in the regulatory process. At the moment, the current legislation does not contain the possibility of issuing NFT, regulation, turnover and protection of token buyers, as well as their attitude to intellectual property rights. It was…

Aug, 03 2022
Cancellation of Covid restrictions: rules for the entry of foreign citizens / exit of citizens of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clarified the entry rules for foreigners in connection with the lifting of Covid restrictions. In addition to a passport and a valid visa, a PCR test with a negative result is also required. Now, from 07/15/2022, foreigners can enter Russia without additional restrictions on…

Jul, 27 2022