NFT-token as a tool for securing rights

To date, NFTs have been actively used on the market. In the virtual economy, NFTs are used to confirm the ownership of digital assets and the right to use them. What is NFT? NFT is a non-fungible token, in simple words, a unit of accounting that does not have copies,…

Feb, 02 2023
USN: payment procedure

Russian legislation offers two options for a simplified taxation system (STS) – 6 and 15 percent. USN is very convenient and beneficial for business: no need to pay VAT and income tax. accounting is reduced to a minimum. reporting once a year. In this article, we will take a closer…

Jan, 25 2023
Registration of LLC by foreigners in Russia

According to Russian legislation, both foreign legal entities and individuals can create limited liability companies on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, an LLC may be established by a foreign citizen independently or jointly with citizens of the Russian Federation.

Jan, 20 2023
Assessment of the risk of bankruptcy of the enterprise

When the company becomes unprofitable and cannot pay off all obligations, the owners initiate bankruptcy proceedings. It implies the liquidation of the business and the payment of debts as much as possible.

Jan, 20 2023
Legal support of Internet projects. Goals and types of legal assistance in conducting digital business

Internet projects are any activity of a company on the global network carried out for profit. As a rule, IT projects are divided into several main areas.

Jan, 19 2023
Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes. Tax dispute resolution. Features of the procedure. In which cases is it necessary.

The procedure for resolving tax disputes is regulated by law. The conflict can be settled in court and pre-trial, but conflicts over the calculation of taxes are associated with difficulties for one of the parties. After all, in fact, the dispute is between a citizen, a company and the state.

Jan, 19 2023
Hostile takeover of companies

Entrepreneurs sometimes conclude such a type of transaction as a takeover. At the same time, one party to the contract acquires more than 30% of the authorized capital or a controlling stake, and in the future joins the absorbed business to its own enterprise. It is good if this happens by mutual consent of the parties. But sometimes you have to deal with an unfriendly takeover of a company when the owners are actually forced into a deal.

Jan, 19 2023
Pre-trial dispute settlement procedure in the arbitration process. When it’s necessary?

Pre-trial settlement of disputes is a list of measures aimed at resolving the conflict situation before the parties go to court.

Jan, 18 2023
Audit of accounting and reporting organization

Audit of accounting and reporting organization is designed to create an impartial view of documents’ reliability as well as information reflected by them. The law obliges legal entities to keep records and keep financial statements, so that the company will be able to provide them to partners, auditors, and employees…

Jan, 18 2023
Business News 2023

1. Business will pay taxes in a new way. The government is introducing a single tax account, where all commercial fees will be accumulated. Now the business will not need to search for the current budget classification code, it is enough to transfer the tax debt to a single account…

Jan, 18 2023
Notification of the liquidation of a legal entity

Only the general meeting of participants can decide on the liquidation of the company. After that, a liquidation commission is formed or a liquidator is appointed, who will be responsible for the procedure and will take over the management of the company’s affairs.

Jan, 18 2023
How foreign companies operate in Russia: a current overview of 2022

Since March 2022, foreign companies and large corporations have begun to leave the Russian market. According to experts’ preliminary estimates, more than 250 companies have left the domestic business market. However, not everyone is leaving Russia. For many brands, our country remains a large and reliable market for their products and services. However, for some companies, the form of presence in our country is changing and transforming. In this article, we will explain in detail whether foreign companies are operating in Russia, and how this is structured?

Jan, 17 2023
Suspension of a legal entity’s liquidation

The official winding up of a legal entity is a difficult procedure which takes time and requires concerted actions of a huge number of professionals. First of all, executive bodies inform about the beginning of the procedure through the media, then they appoint a commission and draw up an interim balance. Once the debts are settled, the companies approve the final balance. It is also necessary to fire the employees, pay salaries and compensation to employees – and this is not the complete list of actions.

Jan, 17 2023
Establishment of branches and opening of representative offices of foreign companies in Russia

Any company from abroad which is going to sell its goods and services in Russia must have here its office of some type. There are three structures that are most often chosen by foreigners: a branch, a representative office, or a limited liability company. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages, and limitations, so in certain situations, each of them may be the better choice.

Jan, 17 2023
Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is one of the types of a service agreement. A company or an individual offers goods, assistance, advertising, or other bonuses to the second party, and in return they receive payment.

Jan, 17 2023
Unlimited permanent residence permits in Russia

Foreigners may stay in Russia for the period stipulated by their visa. There is a visa-free regime with some states, so their citizens need only an international passport, and in exceptional cases an internal civil passport, to stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the period for continuous stay in these situations is limited, for example, to three months. After that, the foreigners have to leave Russia. If they have some other things to do, they have to return and fill in the migration card again.

Jan, 16 2023