The law on simplified business liquidation has been adopted

According to the new law, companies with the status of small and medium-sized enterprises will have the opportunity to liquidate by submitting just one application. In the application, it will be necessary to confirm that the legal entity has repaid all debts and submitted the necessary reports. Thus, it will…

May, 31 2023
It is proposed to allow the bankruptcy procedure of foreign companies in Russia

Lawyers at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum proposed that the law provide for the possibility of initiating bankruptcy proceedings for foreign companies. Within the framework of entrepreneurial activity, companies from Russia often concluded deals with foreign companies. At the moment, these countries are unfriendly. In case of signs of…

May, 24 2023
Electronic documents in a new format will be approved in 2023.

The Tax Inspectorate plans to develop and approve new formats of electronic documents in 2023. They are going to introduce new formats of such documents: a transfer act of fixed assets, an invoice for accounting for the movement of stocks, a complaint act, a specification. The use of these documents…

May, 17 2023
Registration of the trademark of LLC in Russia

One of the ways to protect a business and its reputation is to create a trademark. In legal practice, this term refers to the method of individualization of goods or companies and individual entrepreneurs. The presence of a registered trademark will allow you to prohibit or allow business rivals, as well as partners, to use a similar brand or a similar designation. Unauthorized use of someone else’s trademark can lead to civil, administrative and even criminal liability. From June 29, 2023, the self-employed, as well as foreigners, will be able to register trademarks without confirming the status of an individual entrepreneur, if they conduct entrepreneurial activities.

May, 15 2023
Express audit of accounting

In virtue of the service of expedited audit of accounting any organization can carry out a short revision of its accounting statements condition. Such revision usually takes short period and minimal efforts.

May, 14 2023
Due Diligence and Compliance

Due diligence and compliance are the procedures which are necessary for conducting any business activity. Both concepts are interrelated as they have a goal of avoiding as much as possible any legal and financial risks for the owner of organization or investor.

May, 13 2023
Corporate disputes settlement

Today legal entities while carrying out it’s business activities, often face not only conflict situations with contractors, partners and competitors but also disputes within one organization. Such disputes are one of the most widespread in the companies’ sphere of activity and is called corporate disputes.

May, 12 2023
Difficulties in approving transactions with foreigners

Since the introduction of the invalidity of transactions with foreign companies from unfriendly countries without obtaining the permission of the subcommision of the Ministry of Finance, the conditions for obtaining such permission are constantly updated, new conditions are introduced, or old ones are changed. Experts also note that when considering…

May, 10 2023
International payments are offered to be carried out in digital currency

Currently, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. They represent a new payment method that has many advantages, including transaction speed and low fees. Their use will contribute to reducing the dependence of economic turnover participants on global financial institutions. Russian legislators are developing a legislative framework for mining digital…

May, 03 2023
Starting Business In Russia

Opening a business in Russia by citizens of another country is possible in several ways.

May, 01 2023
Copyright protection in the Arbitration Court

Currently, the result of companies’, individual entrepreneurs’ or individuals’ activities can be not only directly tangible assets or services, but also objects of intellectual property. The rights to such objects are called copyrights. By copyright we mean intellectual rights to works of science, literature, art, computer programs and databases. The objects of copyright are books, articles, films, musical works, works of painting, design, photography, etc.

Apr, 27 2023
In the near future, a digital passport will be introduced in Russia

The Ministry of Digital Development has published a draft law on a digital passport, it is planned that the digital version will be equal in legal force to the paper one. This initiative has been repeatedly put forward by various executive authorities, the introduction of this technology has been actively…

Apr, 26 2023
Valen office in Dubai

Valen Group has been providing services in the UAE for a long time and now we are opening a client office. A cozy space with its own embankment – we are sure that our clients and partners will like it. The main task assigned to this office is legal support…

Apr, 25 2023
Protection of violated rights in the arbitration court

Companies and individual entrepreneurs while carrying out its business activities, inevitably face conflict situations related to violations of its rights. In such circumstances, the most common and effective method of resolving a conflict is to protect violated rights in an arbitration court. According to Russian legislation, disputes involving legal entities, organizations and individual entrepreneurs are resolved by arbitration courts.

Apr, 24 2023
Digital ruble and customs monitoring: what comes into force in April

In April 2023, new features from Russian government agencies will get started, which we will express in more details below. Simplifications by the Federal Tax Service One of the areas that has received a lot of attention in recent years is facilitating the interaction of taxpayers with tax authorities. One…

Apr, 19 2023
Legal analysis of incorporation documents

According to art. 52 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, legal entities act on the basis of the articles of association (AoA), which shall be approved by their members. The AoA of commercial corporations (JSC or LLC) is the main document regulating their activities. Also, the AoA contains basic information about the company making possible its identification. Company members can also draw up a memorandum of association (MOA) governing the establishment of an enterprise.

Apr, 17 2023