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Illegal change of the CEO. The main fraudulent schemes. How to secure your company?

Contents: Illegal change of CEO: how and why is this done? The director was changed illegally: bad and good news What should I do if the illegal change of director has not yet been completed? Illegal change of the CEO in LLC has already happened: procedure How do acts of…

Jul, 06 2022
Setting up a joint venture abroad

Contents: The purpose of the joint venture Stages of creating a joint venture abroad What is necessary to set up a joint venture abroad Joint venture structure Setting up a joint venture abroad is a relatively new way of doing business with a foreign counterparty. When one of the business…

Nov, 11 2020
Mergers and acquisitions in investment projects

Investment activity is the investment of capital and other practical actions aimed at making a profit or other economically favorable effects. This is how investment is defined by Russian legislation. The main legislative act regulating this sphere is the Federal law on investment activity, as well as on foreign investment….

Nov, 05 2020
Mergers and acquisitions 2020

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most common ways to expand your business. As part of the M&A transaction, the participating companies are merged into one legal entity, and in the future, they conduct business together as an integral structure. The large number of mergers between the largest companies…

Nov, 05 2020
Establish joint ventures

Contents: Goals of Establishing a joint ventures Forms of joint ventures Stages of a joint venture Sequence of actions during joint venture opening Documents for opening a joint venture Specifics of taxation of joint ventures Reduction of the tax rate Structure of joint ventures Risks of opening and operating a…

Nov, 03 2020
Holding establishment

Contents: Method advantages Creation process in Russia Type and nature holding classification Types of corporations after mergers or acquisitions Benefits of vertical mergers What problems may arise after merging into a holding In today’s marketplace, it takes a lot of effort for business leaders to remove barriers for cross-border business….

Nov, 03 2020
Russian market of Mergers and Acquisitions

The growth of the Russian M&A market has been driven by major deals in the oil and gas industry. So far, this sector has attracted domestic and foreign investors, and the situation has not been affected even by the slowdown in economic growth in 2019. At the same time, the…

Nov, 03 2020

Contents: Structure of a Share Purchase Agreement Potential obstacles Warranties Indemnities Representations Disclosure Letter The SPA M&A is a legal document that regulates the conditions under which the shares of a company are transferred in M&A. As a rule, the agreement involves minimum two parties to that agreement: a selling…

Oct, 13 2020
Structuring business processes

Structuring business processes is one of the ways to optimize the business of a company. In a broad sense, structuring is understood as a change in the organization of a business, the creation of divisions, separate business units, between which assets and functions are distributed. This procedure is suitable not…

Oct, 11 2020
M&A Director

Any deal on businesses merger or acquisition is a major project that requires coordinated work of many specialists from different sectors. This coordination can be achieved through professional management. For this purpose, the Mergers and Acquisitions Director is engaged, a specialist capable of arranging and controlling a complicated process of…

Oct, 11 2020
Vertical merger

Many legal entities appear or cease to exist on the business market annually. However, it is rather usual issue when this or that company wishes to expand its scope of operation and in this regard decides to “connect” with another company, pursuing various goals. That is why the role of…

Oct, 11 2020
Joint venture agreement

Joint venture agreement is one of the key documents that have a crucial meaning in building a joint venture. For this reason, to develop a draft which will protect your interests you should answer the questions and take into account the factors listed below. Who are your partners? The company…

Oct, 10 2020
Equity joint venture

An equity joint venture (EJV) is an agreement between two companies to enter into a separate business venture together. The business structure for an EJV is a separate limited liability company (LLC). This shields each partner and business from liability. Each partner participates in gains and losses according to the…

Oct, 10 2020
M&A deal

The term “mergers and acquisitions” (M&A) in international course of business usually means transactions that result in the transfer of property, possession, or rights of control in relation to business from one person to another on the basis of contract. It should be noted that the term “mergers and acquisitions”…

Sep, 16 2020
What Is a Merger and Acquisition?

Contents: Mergers and acquisitions can be classified according to the following characteristics M&A deals have their benefits and drawbacks The disadvantages of these types of deals include Every year, many legal entities either appear or cease to exist on the business market. However, it quite often happens that this or…

Sep, 15 2020
Mergers and acquisitions anti-crisis management

Contents: Anti-crisis management and its elements Steps to create a crisis management plan Challenges on the way to anti-crisis management Principles of anti-crisis management Anti-crisis management in mergers and acquisitions deals Mergers and acquisitions challenges Currently, businesses in all countries of the world are struggling to overcome local and global…

Sep, 15 2020