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Structuring business processes

Structuring business processes is one of the ways to optimize the business of a company. In a broad sense, structuring is understood as a change in the organization of a business, the creation of divisions, separate business units, between which assets and functions are distributed. This procedure is suitable not…

Jan, 11 2023
M&A deals in 2023: prospects and possible solutions

Content: Objectives of any M&A transaction What happened in the field of M&A transactions in 2022 M&A deals: prospects in 2023 M&A (mergers and acquisitions) is a combination of assets of two legal entities. In essence, such transactions are a process of transferring or consolidating assets and operating divisions of…

Jan, 04 2023
Establish joint ventures

When opening a company together with one or more foreign partners, there are nuances related to management, participation, distribution of profits and risks. Establish joint venture is one of the most relevant ways of international business cooperation.

Jan, 03 2023
Illegal change of the CEO. The main fraudulent schemes. How to secure your company?

The General director is the highest head of an organization or enterprise who is responsible for production and economic activities. The list of its tasks includes making decisions on the effective use of property and improving production and financial indicators.

Jan, 02 2023
Holding establishment

In today’s marketplace, it takes a lot of effort for business leaders to remove barriers for cross-border business. Regular enterprises development requires quick and thoughtful decisions of the founders. One of the ways to expand activities available for private entrepreneurs and state-owned enterprises is to create a holding.

Jan, 01 2023
Equity joint venture

Contents: Benefits of Equity Joint Ventures Stages or Joint venture creation What is needed to create a joint venture The following documents are required for registration Joint venture structure Risks of establishing and operating a joint venture An equity joint venture (EJV) is an agreement between two companies to enter…

Dec, 13 2022
Buy-Side and Sell-Side in M&A

A transaction always involves two parties: a buyer and a seller. Finance professionals commonly describe their positions as being on the buy and sell side of M&A. As with many finance languages, what this means depends on the situation. In the financial industry, these are referred to as the buy-side and sell-side, respectively. As an acquisition and mergers investment manager, you do 2 factors: one presents your bank to potential clients and earns business from them through buy or sell-side Mergers and acquisition, and the other executes the agreements offered by these customers. Let us examine the distinctions.

Nov, 18 2022
M&A and Due Diligence. What are the Difficulties of Due Diligence Merger Acquisition?

Due diligence is the process through which purchasers thoroughly comprehend the target company in mergers and acquisitions.

Nov, 18 2022
Risk Management in Mergers and Acquisitions

Any type of business comes with an inherent risk, and as the firm expands, the risk gets greater and might come from unexpected places, which is why risk management software should be considered. This type of software can assist you in determining what might happen next and how to position yourself to avoid damage to your organization or adapt to a new circumstance.

Nov, 18 2022
Setting up a joint venture abroad

Setting up a joint venture abroad is a relatively new way of doing business with a foreign counterparty. When one of the business participants is a foreigner, this creates additional difficulties. The question arises how to manage a common business, how to distribute risks and profits. Creating a joint venture is one of the ways to effectively resolve all these difficult issues and resolve them to mutual benefit.

Nov, 11 2020
Mergers and acquisitions in investment projects

Investment activity is the investment of capital and other practical actions aimed at making a profit or other economically favorable effects. This is how investment is defined by Russian legislation. The main legislative act regulating this sphere is the Federal law on investment activity, as well as on foreign investment….

Nov, 05 2020
Russian market of Mergers and Acquisitions

The growth of the Russian M&A market has been driven by major deals in the oil and gas industry. So far, this sector has attracted domestic and foreign investors, and the situation has not been affected even by the slowdown in economic growth in 2019. At the same time, the…

Nov, 03 2020

The SPA M&A is a legal document that regulates the conditions under which the shares of a company are transferred in M&A. As a rule, the agreement involves minimum two parties to that agreement: a selling entity that holds the title to the shares, as well as a buying entity. However, there is also a possibility to pay using stocks, payment-in-kind or media for equity.

Oct, 13 2020
M&A Director

Any deal on businesses merger or acquisition is a major project that requires coordinated work of many specialists from different sectors. This coordination can be achieved through professional management. For this purpose, the Mergers and Acquisitions Director is engaged, a specialist capable of arranging and controlling a complicated process of…

Oct, 11 2020
Vertical merger

Many legal entities appear or cease to exist on the business market annually. However, it is rather usual issue when this or that company wishes to expand its scope of operation and in this regard decides to “connect” with another company, pursuing various goals. That is why the role of…

Oct, 11 2020
Joint venture agreement

Joint venture agreement is one of the key documents that have a crucial meaning in building a joint venture. For this reason, to develop a draft which will protect your interests you should answer the questions and take into account the factors listed below. Who are your partners? The company…

Oct, 10 2020