Legal support of business purchase

Sometimes, instead of incorporating a company from scratch, entrepreneurs prefer to buy already existing business that includes a set of assets.

Now market offers to purchase a large number of ready-made companies from various sectors of the economy. However, with the growth of supply and demand, more and more scammers appear who sell shell companies or falsify financial indicators. Therefore, it is best to approach a specialist in order to purchase a company.

When purchasing, it is necessary to correctly evaluate the business and arrange sale and purchase transaction with the owner, taking into account all legal requirements.

What does VALEN do?

  • audit of accounting, assets and liabilities of the seller

Accounting specialists will check the primary documentation, reconcile the balance sheet, and recalculate inventories.

  • analysis of real estate purchase history

Our lawyers will analyze the documents, the history of real estate objects according to open data and extracts from the relevant government agencies.

  • analysis of the main contracts

In order to identify all penalties and fines, VALEN specialists will conduct an examination of contracts with the main contractors. During the analysis, lawyers also assess potential risks and provide recommendations for their elimination.

  • identification of debts and encumbrances

It is extremely important to check the company for the absence of debts to the budget, utilities, contractors, etc.

  • checking possible lawsuits

Lawyers check the company’s involvement in litigation from all available sources.

VALEN specialists offer qualified assistance in buying a ready-made business in Moscow and other cities of Russia. We have extensive experience in successful support of this type of purchase and sale transaction.

Our specialists will undertake the legal and financial due diligence of the acquired company. The results of the audit will be drawn up in the form of an opinion containing the identified legal risks and, in general, an assessment of the feasibility of the transaction.

VALEN lawyers will accompany the entire process, from business valuation to the transaction itself. To get expert advice or use help in buying a business, you can choose a convenient way of communication: leave a request on the website or dial our number +7 (495) 7-888-096.

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