Valen law firm

VALEN provides legal services since 2012.

The firm’s primary specialization is consulting for foreign and local companies on legal and tax matters on the Russian market. Apart from cases, related to international law, VALEN provides solutions within the financial industry, which ensures integrated approach to customer service.

What services does Valen provide?

  • Develops and implements business models in the Russian Federation;
  • Consults on issues related to corporate, agreement, tax and civil law;
  • Supports conclusion of deals;
  • Represents clients’ interests in arbitration courts.

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VALEN specialists are qualified lawyers, that are highly competent and have extensive experience in the field of legal consulting. Being graduates of leading universities in Russia and Germany, VALEN advisors do not solely possess knowledge of Russian law, they have likewise an expertise in German and Dutch legislations, as well as aware of the European business standards.

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Among loyal clients of VALEN are middle and large corporations in Russia, Central and Western Europe, that are market leaders in such sectors as chemical production, construction supplies, IT-technologies, cybersecurity etc. Regardless of company’s field, VALEN is always glad to provide services at the highest level.