Land disputes

In land and construction disputes the object is the land itself or its boundaries, the building or the quality of work associated with the construction of such a building.

The parties to the dispute may be natural persons, legal entities and public authorities who make claims in respect of property rights, land use, lease, violation of easements, boundaries of adjacent land plots or other liabilities that have arisen during transactions with property.

VALEN provides a wide range of services in the field of land and construction disputes:

  • Challenging contracts in part or in full;
  • Debt collection from the counterparty;
  • Disputes on the quality of work performed;
  • Disputes on the establishment or termination of encumbrances;
  • Disputes with state authorities;
  • Appeal against the refusal to register the property right in court;
  • Reclaiming property from someone else’s illegal possession;
  • Disputes on the recognition of ownership of an unfinished construction object or unauthorized construction;
  • Disputes related to the discharge of real estate transactions;
  • Disputes related to the inheritance of a land plot.

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