Tax audit

Professional audit of tax accounting helps to avoid problems with legislation, optimize tax base and make the activity of enterprise more efficient. Companies with multi-level structure, including holding companies, especially need tax audit. This service is also popular among companies with extensive network of branches, among medium and small businesses.

Jan, 25 2020
Digital notary services

Changes in field of digital notarial services were introduced in December 2019.

Jan, 21 2020
Review of key bills and initiatives of 2019

In 2019, several significant events in the field of law, finance and business took place in Russia. Innovative laws in various branches of civil law were approved, global amendments to procedural legislation were adopted, etc.

We offer to your attention the most important legislative changes and initiatives of 2019.

Jan, 17 2020
Compliance and due diligence

Due diligence and compliance are the procedures which are necessary for conducting any business activity. Both concepts are interrelated as they have a goal of avoiding as much as possible any legal and financial risks for the owner of organization or investor.

Jan, 16 2020
Expedited audit of accounting

In virtue of the service of expedited audit of accounting any organization can carry out a short revision of its accounting statements condition. Such revision usually takes short period and minimal efforts.

Jan, 16 2020
Investment platforms and crowdfunding: new way of investing

In January 2020 a new law is coming into force regulating investments attraction using crowdfunding.

Jan, 14 2020
Measures to reduce tax risks for business

The possibility of Criminal Code liberalization and other measures for reducing tax risks for business

Dec, 17 2019
Online regulation of employment relationship

The Russian Parliament has approved draft laws on amendments into employment legislation

Dec, 10 2019
Establishment of branches and opening of representative offices of foreign companies in Russia

In order to do business in the Russian Federation, foreign investors establish limited liability companies (OOO), branches, or open representative offices. Establishment of branches or opening of foreign representative offices in Russia is connected with the accreditation procedure, which is more complex and costly compared to registration of OOO. Nevertheless, many companies choose exactly this way to perform activities. Why?

Dec, 07 2019
Вакансии VALEN

Вакансии VALEN

Dec, 05 2019
Bitcoin in authorized capital of Russian company

For the first time, tax authority has registered introduction of cryptocurrency into the authorized capital of a Russian company

Dec, 03 2019
VALEN updated its corporate identity

VALEN renewed company’s corporate style: in addition to the website, which now looks more modern and easier to navigate, VALEN also worked on the redesign of marketing materials.

Dec, 02 2019
Consequences of violation of the Personal Data Law

Draft law on introducing higher fines for violation of localization requirements of Russian citizens’ personal data

Nov, 26 2019
Permanent residence permit in Russia has become unlimited

The procedure for obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit in Russia has been simplified.

Nov, 19 2019
Registration of LLC by a foreign citizen in Russia

According to the Russian legislation, both foreign legal persons and individuals may create limited liability companies in the Russian Federation. Moreover, an LLC may be established by a foreign citizen independently, or jointly with citizens of the Russian Federation.

Nov, 19 2019
Online contract-signing with foreign partners

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) starts implementing a new system on signing and notarization of contract with foreign partners

Nov, 12 2019