Tax Disputes

Tax disputes arise as a result of violations of a company’s obligations to the tax authorities. Violation of the requirements of the Federal Tax Service requirements can occur as a result of deliberate or unintentional actions, due to ignorance of the changing tax laws. In addition, differences and disputes may arise as a result of the wrongful actions of the tax authorities themselves.

What Makes Tax Disputes Critical?

One of the features of tax disputes is that when they arise, the company as a rule, is in a more vulnerable position from a legal point of view. The tax inspectorate has a wide range of measures at its disposal that can impact the taxpayer (tax claims, prosecution, blocking of current accounts, and so on), and as it is a public authority, the tax inspectorate enjoys strong support in the form of state administrative resources. In fact, a dispute with the tax authorities is a dispute with the state.

In order to protect their rights and legitimate interests in such a situation, companies need to enlist the help of professional lawyers specializing in resolving tax disputes.

Our Services

VALEN provides a wide range of services related to the settlement of tax disputes and their prevention in the future. We offer legal assistance from highly-qualified lawyers with extensive experience in tax law. Our experts provide the following services:

  • Consultations in oral and written form with explanations on tax legislation;
  • Drafting of substantiated written objections to tax audit reports or tax inspectorate decisions;
  • Help to unblock bank accounts; Representation and protection of interests of the company during tax audits;
  • Assessment of the prospects for pre-trial settlement.

In case of failure of the pre-trial settlement our experts will prepare all the necessary documents to represent the interests of your company in the arbitration court for both tax office and taxpayer claims.


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