Pre-trial Settlement of Disputes

When doing business, every company may face a divergence of interests with its counterparty. Because of the inability to resolve the conflict a dispute arises, which often ends in protracted litigation.

While previously the parties could generally choose whether to engage in a pre-trial settlement procedure, now before going to court the parties must try to settle the dispute out of court, and the statement of claim may be rejected if it is found that the plaintiff did not try to reach a pre-trial settlement.

The pre-trial dispute settlement process

The pre-trial dispute settlement process is complex and delicate, requiring a high level of professionalism on the part of lawyers, with the interests of both parties to the conflict considered. The wrong choice of strategy can not only negate all the work done on the pre-trial settlement, but also permanently destroy the partnership between the conflicting parties. Therefore, we provide an individual approach to each client and a detailed analysis of the conflict.

With our extensive experience of participating in the pre-trial settlement of disputes, VALEN experts can help you to:

  • prepare a claim letter,
  • negotiate with the counterparty,
  • prepare a reasoned legal position
  • develop an efficient solution to the problem that best meets the client’s interests.

VALEN’s pre-trial dispute settlement services

  • Scrutinity and analysis of documents and information on the contentious issue;
  • Comprehensive analysis of the conflict situation based on documents and information submitted by the client;
  • Development of the most optimal solution for the client;
  • Preparation of claims;
  • Preparation of a legally valid response to a claim;
  • Formation of a legal position;
  • Participation in negotiations with the counterparty.


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