Employment Agreements

Hiring a new employee implies signing an employment agreement between an employer and employee. The employment agreement legally formalizes the mutual rights and obligations of the employee and employer.

What difficulties can arise when drawing up an employment agreement?

Often employers use ready-made employment agreements to formalize relations with all employees. When entering into an employment agreement it is crucial to assess the specifics of the new employees’ functions. For certain categories, there are special employment agreement terms.

What should be specified in the employment agreement?

The employment agreement should contain information on the parties who have signed the agreement, including the place of work, the date of commencement of work, the job description, salary and benefits, working hours and holidays, and other terms.

How can the employer interests be protected with an employment agreement?

Russian labour legislation gives clear priority to the protection of employee interests. However, dishonest employees often openly abuse their rights, and when an employer adopts measures against them, they immediately complain to the labor inspectorate or prosecutors office. The interests of the employer from the dishonest actions of employees can be protected through the inclusion in the employment agreement of additional terms, which, however, must not conflict with labor legislation or impact employee working conditions. For example, in an employment agreement provision can be included on a trial or probationary period, on the nondisclosure of secrets protected by law, on the clarification of rights and obligations in relation to working conditions of the employee and other additional conditions.

Our Services

VALEN provides a full range of services related to the drafting of employment agreements. Our experts:

  • Conduct consultations on employment agreements;
  • Clarify the terms to be included in the employment agreement based on the specifics of your case;
  • Draw up a draft employment agreement for you;
  • Respond to any questions related to the terms of the employment agreement.


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