Legal support of investment projects, construction projects and works

Investment projects require significant resources and comprehensive support – legal, economic, and strategic. When investing in a new project (“Green field investments”), support is required from the development of the investment project to the stage of profit withdrawal.

Investing in a ready-made business, “Brown field investments” requires a thorough check of the investment object.

Support of construction works and projects requires deep knowledge of the technical side of the issue, interaction with government agencies and non-profit organizations.

VALEN lawyers and experts have extensive practice and expertise in the support of investment projects, construction projects and works, and will be glad to provide the following services:

  • Preparation of title documents
  • Development and maintenance of project documentation
  • Getting approval of state bodies for compliance with technical standards and construction regulations
  • Support of engineering survey expertise
  • Support of industrial safety expertise in the event of an accident, detection of defects, at the end of the standard life of the facility, in case of industrial re-equipment
  • Organization of tenders for selection of design work contractor
  • Development of dispute protocols, legal support of work acceptance, conducting commissions, evaluation of recommendations and regulations
  • Making changes and additional approvals to the project
  • Support of commissioning of real estate objects
  • Registration of permits and obtaining approvals: registration of property rights, lease agreements for a land plot for construction.

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