Pre-trial procedures of dispute settlement

Pre-trial procedure of dispute settlement is designed to bring the parties to a compromise peacefully and at minimal cost. Conciliation procedures in relation to real estate can be useful in the following cases:

  • Disputes regarding the rental of real estate
  • Disputes concerning property damage
  • Disputes between condominium participants
  • Settlement of disputes between the developer and the contractor.

During the pre-trial settlement of the dispute, VALEN lawyers and experts carry out the following procedures:

  • Analysis of the disputed situation, identification of risks, problems, advantages and disadvantages of the position;
  • Assessment of prospects for resolving dispute without judicial intervention, the effectiveness of negotiations, mediation, arbitration and other procedures;
  • Development of a pre-trial dispute resolution strategy, negotiations with counterparties;
  • Exchange of written positions, transfer of the dispute to the arbitration court or use of mediation services.

The possibility of a pre-trial dispute settlement depends on the intentions of both parties and if the parties are ready to negotiate and make mutual concessions to continue cooperation.

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