From July 1, a pre-trial appeal of supervisory authorities’ decisions will be mandatory

May, 12 2021

The Prime minister of the Russian Federation has signed Regulation No. 663 of April 28, 2021, which establishes mandatory compliance with the pre-trial procedure for appealing decisions of a certain list of state bodies, including the Federal Tax Service, Federal Service for Labor and Employment and so on.

It is possible to file a complaint with the relevant control body through the portal “Gosuslugi”. The term of the complaint’s consideration will be 20 working days. The interested person may file a complaint, pertaining to the following:

  • the decision of the state body taken on the basis of the results of the audit;
  • the decision on detected violations;
  • the actions of the official within the framework of the audit.

It is planned, that by January 1, 2023 pre-trial appeals will become mandatory within all types of state control.

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