New rules in the legislation on investment activity: “golden” passports, protection of novice investors, state information system.

Apr, 28 2021
  1. Foreign investors will be able to apply for permanent residence permit in a simplified manner

Foreign investors who invest assets in the Russian economy, as well as their family members, will be able to obtain a permanent residence permit without the necessity to obtain a temporary one first of all.

The economic criteria for issuing “golden” passports will be developed later, but it is assumed that a foreign investor will have to invest from 10 to 30 million rubles in own business or in real estate in Russia, as well as in securities.

The relevant legislative initiative came from the Ministry of Economic Development and was supported by the Government.

  • Novice investors will be protected from entering into complex financial contracts

The interests of unskilled or novice investors will be protected by limiting the possibility of acquiring complex financial products with an unknown economic outcome.

Professional market participants (for example, banks) will be required to:

  • inform potential investors about possible financial risks;
  • provide reliable information about the terms of the contract being concluded.

If the company providing services in the field of investment activity fails to fulfill these obligations, the investor will be able to return the lost funds in full.

  • A state information system aimed at supporting and developing investment activity will be created

The information system “Capital Investments” will contain all the necessary information for the implementation of investment activities. This system is designed to create favorable conditions for the development of the Russian economy through the promotion and protection of investments.

The “Capital Investments” system will help the investor to find out the following information:

  • on the measures of state support applied;
  • about tax benefits;
  • about new investment projects;
  • on investment protection guarantees.

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