Meetings of shareholders, the board of directors, and creditors will be held online

Apr, 28 2021

The draft law that will allow to hold meetings of shareholders, the board of directors, and creditors remotely has been introduced to the State Duma. Should the draft law be adopted, the relevant amendments will be made to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Nowadays, when holding a meeting in a remote format, there is a risk of recognizing the meeting as held in violation of the Russian legislation requirements.

The draft law proposes to fix the following provisions:

  • it will be possible to participate in the meeting both physically and online;
  • for remote participation, reliable authentication of the participant is required;
  • voting can be conducted either directly (by raising a hand) or indirectly (by pressing a button);
  • in the minutes of the meeting, it will be necessary to specify the method of remote participation;
  • decision-making can be confirmed by electronic minutes of the meeting or by audio-visual means of recording.

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