Registration of a turnkey LLC

  • We will perform turnkey work remotely
  • For our clients stamp and opening a bank account for free
  • For individuals only a passport is required for legal entities an extract from the company's register
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Stages of working with us

  1. Application
  2. Conclusion of an agreement and payment
  3. Preparation of a set of documents and sending to the client
  4. Signing and certification of sets of documents by the client
  5. Sending signed and certified originals of documents to our office
  6. Translation of a set of documents and certification by a Russian notary
  7. Submission of documents for registration
  8. The company
    is registered
The cost of registering an LLC in Russia starts from 25,000 rubles

If you are interested in registering a company in Moscow within 3-4 days, please contact us. You will receive full information about the nuances of this procedure, as well as assistance in collecting and registering documents in the relevant authorities.

What documents will you receive after registering an LLC in Russia

  • Sheet of the unified state register
    of legal entities in the form PNo.50007
  • Сertificate of registration
    with the tax authority
  • Сharter (АоА) with
    the mark of the tax authority



A Russian advertising agency whose client is a leading Moscow airport and a Hong Kong company specializing in lighting technology and other installations, decided to create an LLC with the aim of joint cooperation and provision of comprehensive services to clients. At the same time, the company from Hong Kong decided to contribute to the authorized capital in the form of intellectual property, namely, a unique technology in the field of lighting.

  • Lawyers negotiated with representatives of both parties and agreed on the basic conditions;
  • Prepared incorporation documents, including a corporate agreement at the request of the client;
  • Accompanied the process of property valuation for the contribution to the authorized capital of the future LLC;
  • Communicated with tax authorities and non-budgetary funds;

The executives of a large Russian magazine decided to conduct reorganization in the form of transforming a private JSC into an LLC. In the original structure, the general meeting of shareholders consisted of 20 shareholders. Accordingly, it was necessary to carry out reorganization at a high level and consider the rights of all shareholders.

  • Lawyers prepared a roadmap for reorganization, held negotiations with shareholders, agreed on all the conditions for creating a new LLC;
  • Prepared the incorporation documents and application forms required for filing with the Federal Tax Service;
  • Communicated with the register of shareholders, tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds.

A large foreign company incorporated in Germany and represented on the territory of the Russian Federation by affiliated legal entities whose main scope of activity is the research, production and sales of innovative plants in the field of agricultural production, has reached out to VALEN Group lawyers to provide assistance and full range of services in the matter of legal, from migration legislation standpoint, employment of a foreign citizen accepted as CEO of a Russian legal entity.

The case was sophisticated by the fact that the above foreign citizen acted as the General Director of two Russian companies being part of the German holding company operating in different regions of Russia.


VALEN Group lawyers:

  • collected and prepared the entire package of necessary documents for permits obtaining in the migration authorities;
  • submitted documents to the relevant structural divisions located in different regions of Russia;
  • provided support for the client to the state body when receiving documents.

As a result of the work done, a foreign citizen has successfully obtained documents that allow him to freely carry out work in the Russian Federation on legal grounds.


A foreign company interested in expanding the scope of its commercial activities decided to enter the Russian market, and therefore applied to VALEN Group for assistance in setting up a limited liability company.

In addition to establishing a legal entity on the territory of the Russian Federation, it was necessary to provide the client with assistance in the subsequent employment of a foreign citizen as General Director of the established company in strict accordance with the rules of Russian employment and migration legislation, as well as to afterwards change the sole executive body of the LLC to a management company.

Besides, as soon as the Russian company was incorporated, the client expressed a desire to enter into a transaction for the purchase and sale of shares in the authorized capital of the established LLC, at that the buyers of the shares were 2 foreign citizens. Thus, the number of LLC members increased to 3.


VALEN Group lawyers:

  • successfully registered a limited liability company;
  • collected and submitted the entire package of documents for obtaining permits necessary for legal employment;
  • prepared all the necessary documents for the change of the sole executive body to the management company;

provided full assistance in concluding the purchase and sale of shares.


An international travel platform from Sweden, which was interested in expanding the scope of its commercial activities, has decided to enter the Russian market, and therefore has applied to VALEN Group for assistance in registering a limited liability company.

The case was sophisticated by the fact that the beneficiaries of the company planned to form a limited liability company with two foreign directors acting jointly, three members of the Board of directors, all of whom are foreign citizens.


VALEN Group lawyers:

  • have prepared the constituent documents and the forms required for filing with the Federal Tax Service;
  • provided support for the client in the state body.

A foreign company, which is a leader among manufacturers of components for commercial refrigeration equipment in the CIS countries, applied to VALEN Group with a request for accreditation of a representative office of this company, incorporated under the legislation of a foreign state, in order to legally carry out business activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The complexity of the entire accreditation process was due to the fact that the founders of the foreign company were persons who were not residents of the country of company’s incorporation, as well as due to significant restrictive measures taken in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection which have significantly complicated the entire process.


VALEN Group lawyers:

  • prepared a comprehensive set of documents for the accreditation of the representative office in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation;
  • submitted a set of necessary documents to the authorized state executive authority;
  • received a document confirming the accreditation of the representative office, as well as all the necessary documents from the extra-budgetary funds of the Russian Federation;
  • performed actions to open a current account of the representative office in a Russian bank.
Eduard Ioffe
  • Graduated Moscow State Law Academy under name of O.E. Kutafin (MSAL) in 2012
  • Foreign languages: English, Latvian
  • Experience since 2012 – in legal consulting, banking, private equity and sports law.
  • Since 2021 – Head of legal in VALEN
  • Since 2022 – Partner/Head of legal in VALEN

Learn more about LLC registration

Where to start for those who plan to develop their own business in Moscow or in other Russian cities? It is necessary to register an LLC in Russia, following the rules, laws and regulations established by the relevant authorities.

Before proceeding to active actions, let's figure out the "theory": what documents need to be prepared, where your company should apply and how to save time on these procedures.

5 steps of LLC registration

In the first case, you need:

  • prepare application P11001;
  • collect a package of documents and transfer them to the Federal Tax Service (Federal Tax Service);
  • pay the state fee (from 4000 rubles).

The advantage of this approach is that you will study the entire process of registering an LLC in the Russian Federation from beginning to end. You will find out what requirements exist and what problems you may encounter – from errors in documents to violations of the registration sequence. One minus - the duration of the process: everything can last from a couple of weeks to several months.

By choosing the second way – the support of a profile company, you will save time on collecting documents and registering them, paying state duties. However, there is a risk of encountering scammers and giving them passport data, as well as other important information.

Before starting cooperation with a profile company in Moscow or in other cities of the country, study the information about it: the duration of its existence on the market, its location, reviews on the Web and more.

As a rule, this data is freely available.

  • Company name: you are required to form the name of the LLC and register it in Russian. It shall be unique. You can check this in the online search in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. If you have found an LLC with an identical name, it is better to come up with another name;
  • Legal address of LLC: registration of LLC with a legal address in the Russian Federation takes place at the tax inspectorate.

There are three ways to get a "address registration" for a company:

  • rent or purchase an apartment / office / room where you plan to place staff;
  • sign a contract with postal and secretarial services for the provision of a legal address in Moscow or in another city of the country;
  • "register" the company at the home address of the founder or director of the LLC.
  • Activity code (OKVED): when registering an LLC in Russia, it is important to decide what kind of business you will be engaged in. The activity code is selected from the OKVED classifier. It is freely available;
  • Authorized capital: before registering an LLC with the legal address of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to determine what authorized capital your company will have. This is the amount that is deposited to the settlement bank account of the business structure. Minimum — 10,000 rubles. You can either deposit money or leave property as collateral. This can be done before submitting documents for the registration of an LLC or after — within four months; preparation of documents for the opening of an LLC. You should have on your hands:

    1) the decision of the sole founder of the company or the minutes of the meeting of the founders of the LLC (in writing);
    2) approved charter of LLC;
    3) letter of guarantee for providing the address;
    4) a document confirming the payment of the state duty if the package of documents was sent by mail or submitted personally by the applicant to the tax inspectorate. You have the right not to pay the state fee if you submit documents through a notary.

You can prepare these documents for the registration of an LLC in Russia either independently, using online services, or with the support of our company. We will make sure that all the documents are drawn up correctly.

  • There is no need to sign the application. The signature is affixed in the presence of a tax inspector or a notary (if the registration of an LLC in the Russian Federation takes place by agreement).
  • Now it is equal to the minimum amount of duty established by the state – 4,000 rubles. To deposit money, you need to fill out the receipt manually and transfer the money to the account of the registering authority.

You have several options:

  • general;
  • simplified;
  • unified tax on imputed income;
  • unified agricultural tax.

The choice of the taxation system depends on the type of activity, the number of employees of the company, the projected annual income, and other factors. That need to be studied before registration.

  • application filled out on form P11001;
  • the decision of the founder or the minutes of the meeting of the founders of the company;
  • charter of LLC;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • documents confirming the existence of a legal address;
  • notification of the chosen concrete tax system.
  • sheet of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in form No. P50007;
  • certificate of registration with the tax authority;
  • the charter with the mark of the registering authority.

Working with us, you can get additional services:

  • Comprehensive consultations
  • Selection, development of the charter
  • Execution of applications, decisions, orders
  • Selection of OKVED
  • Consultations on the choice of taxation
  • Selection of a legal address
  • Services of an interim manager and a management company
  • Registration of High-Quality Specialist (HQS) status and work permits
  • Accounting of LLC
  • CEO change service and other corporate issues

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