Permanent Residence Permit in Russia

The permanent residence permit (PRP) is a document that confirms the right of a foreign national to reside permanently in Russia for 5 years with no restrictions to freely cross the border of the Russian Federation.

The residence permit in Russia significantly expands the rights of a foreign national. For example, the holder of a residence permit does not need a work permit, and his or her employer does not need to undergo all the related procedures and formalities. In most cases, a residence permit can be repeatedly extended. Unlike the temporary residence permit, there is no restriction on the region where the holder can work and live.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit in Russia?

Foreign nationals who received a TRP are entitled to apply for a permanent residence permit. In this case, foreign national should have lived in the Russian Federation for at least 1 year on TRP and submit an application and required documents to GUVM no later than 6 months before TRP expires.

The application processing time is 6 months.

Notice of residence

The law requires the foreign national to annually notify the public authorities of one’s stay as a foreign national on a residence permit.

The foreign national should submit notification of income within two months from the anniversary date of receipt of the residence permit.

Our services

VALEN provides a full range of services related to obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permits in Russia: – Consultating on all matters related to obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit; – Preparation of required documents; – Submission and receipt of documents.


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