Permanent residence permit in Russia

Permanent residence permit (PRP) is a document that confirms the right of a foreign citizen to legally live and work in Russia. Usually, PRP is unlimited apart from the PRP of a highly qualified specialist (limited up to the period of a work permit). 

Benefits of a PRP:

  • Free Russian border crossing the Russian boarders;
  • No need to obtain work permit;
  • Possibility to live or work in any Russian region;
  • Free social and medical support.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit in Russia?

Foreign citizens who hold temporary residence permit for at least 8 months are entitled to apply for PRP. It is also possible to obtain PRP straight away in case there is a special ground provided by law.

The application review period is from 2 to 4 months depending on the ground.

Along with the documents proving the ground for PRP, the foreigner shall provide medical certificates, police clearance certificate from the country of citizenship and pass the exam on Russian language, history and law (as a rule).

Notice of residence

Foreign citizens have to send a special notification to the migration authority proving that they reside in Russia and obtain enough income to provide for themselves or their family.

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