Contracts for the performance of engineering and design works, construction contracts

The contract for the performance of design and survey work is intended to initiate construction work, determine its scope, preliminary cost, complexity and the very possibility of such construction work.

When designing, a draft of project is developed with a summary estimate of the construction cost and working documentation is also compiled on the basis of the project after its approval in accordance with the established procedure. The designing is carried out during the construction of technically complex objects and under difficult natural conditions of construction.

VALEN lawyers and experts have many years of experience in supporting construction, engineering and design work. The range of our services includes the following:

  • development of project documentation
  • control of compliance with the sequence and timing of project work
  • checking the feasibility and variability of the design decisions and calculations made
  • checking the conformity of the adopted design decisions
  • development of regulations for interaction between project participants throughout the entire production cycle
  • support for obtaining a conclusion on compliance with the state expertise
  • development of contract documentation.

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