When the pre-trial dispute settlement procedure is unsuccessful and the case is referred to the arbitration court, the company will need the help of experienced lawyers who specialise in litigation.

What cases are subject to arbitration?

Arbitration courts settle economic and other disputes involving companies and individual entrepreneurs. In particular, arbitration courts deal with:

  • Disputes arising from violations of contract terms;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Disputes related to deals concluded between business entities;
  • Deprivation/recognition of property rights;
  • Protection of the business reputation of a business entity;
  • Refusal of state registration, reorganisation and liquidation of business entities;
  • Insolvency (bankruptcy);
  • Other disputes arising from the economic and entrepreneurial activities of business entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Our services

VALEN offers a wide range of services to protect the rights of its clients and represent companies in arbitration courts, irrespective of the stage of the proceedings and level of court:

  • Legal analysis of the dispute, legal examination of documents, evaluation of the prospects for dispute settlement in the arbitration court;
  • Formation of a legal position for the arbitral court, agreement on the process strategy;
  • Preparation of claim documents/comments on the statement of claim, as well as applications and other documents for submission to the arbitration court;
  • Formation of evidence;
  • Conduct cases in the arbitration court;
  • Receipt of a writ of execution and control of the timing and execution procedure of enforcement actions by bailiffs;
  • If necessary challenging of the judicial acts, drafting of appeals;
  • Participation in negotiations in order to conclude a settlement agreement.


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