Drafting Contracts of Any Kind

Doing business involves entering into a many contracts of different types. When entering into an agreement it is necessary to consider the specifics of the relationship with the counterparty, and come to an agreement based on individual interests, circumstances and needs. A thoroughly written contract in legal terms is a key to the success of any deal.

How to draw a contract

Drawing up a contract is an important and laborious process that requires a high level of expertise. Using contracts downloaded from the internet can lead to disputes down the line, as these templates do not account for the specifics of the situation, do not take into account the interests of the parties and may even contain provisions that are no longer relevant, or which contradict current legislation. A careless approach to the preparation of contracts may lead to claims on the part of counterparties, recovery of damages, the recognition of contracts as null and void or other adverse effects.

Our services

VALEN specializes in drawing up contracts. Our experts have extensive experience in drafting agreements of different types and complexity. In order to properly protect the interests of the client and minimize the potential risks and negative effects of any deal, our experts:

  • Draw up a draft contract for a specific situation in view of all the requirements and comments of the client;
  • If required, make standard contracts for recurring deals in view of the specific features of the company;
  • Analyze the existing contracts in order to identify and assess any potential risks;
  • Analyze draft contracts proposed by counterparties, help the parties to agree on the terms;
  • Analyze and create additional documentation for contracts (specifications, additional agreements to contracts and other annexes to contracts);
  • Consult on any matters relating to the conclusion of a contract (establish the essential terms, identify the most important problem provisions, etc.).



The large German company, a leader in food and dietary supplements production, has decided to expand its business in Russia. In this regard, the need to rent additional office space in the center of Moscow has arisen. The difficulty was that the premises were owned by several interconnected landlords. The head company has set the task to organize the contractual part of the entire process.

  • Drafts of non-residential lease and sublease agreements have been prepared;
  • Legal support on agreements’ registration has been provided;
  • Terms and conditions were promptly agreed upon with landlords and signing was organized;
  • Contracts for renovation of premises, construction insurance contracts, and a number of other contracts that ensure client’s interests during the entire expansion process have been prepared and signed.

A large international company working in the development and production of electrical wiring for the automotive sector, as part of its activities in Russia and the CIS countries, applied to VALEN with a request to prepare a tax opinion and develop a supply agreement accomplished with a “road map”.

  • An analysis of tax legislation has been made.
  • An opinion with the calculation of taxes was drawn up.
  • A supply agreement between subsidiaries was developed.
  • To coordinate the client’s actions a “road map” has been prepared.

A foreign company engaged in development of software for personnel reliability assessment has decided to issue a license to a Russian subsidiary to enable it to conclude contracts in Russia and abroad. The main aim was to protect the rights of a foreign company to software as much as possible. The difficulty was in the specifics of the program and technological solutions.

  • Consulting services on the application of Russian legislation in the field of intellectual property have been provided;
  • The analysis of court rulings has been carried out considering the client’s situation;
  • Drafts of license agreement and additional documents have been prepared;
  • Signing of license agreement and the entire set of documents on the transaction was organized.

The owner was planning to conclude a sale of non-residential premises contract with a large construction company. A complex transaction structure with several types of securities and warranties and a multi-stage payment system by letter of credit has been developed. The situation was complicated by a long-term corporate conflict between the participants of the owner company.

  • Multi-stage transaction structure has been developed;
  • Negotiations with premises’ buyer have been carried out;
  • Draft contracts for the sale of non-residential premises, guarantee agreements, pledge agreements, and other documents have been developed as part of these transactions’ implementation;
  • Legal support for registration of buyer’s ownership has been provided.

A large American company, a global brand of clothing and accessories, as part of its activities in Russia, applied to VALEN with a request to prepare a legal opinion on the regulation, procedure and specifics of sale of precious metal products.

  • An opinion on the specifics of sale of precious metals was prepared.
  • The requirements for the premises for the storage of precious metals were outlined.
  • To comply with anti-money laundering regulations – the procedure of registration on the “Rosfinmonitoring” website has been clarified.

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