Employment disputes

Labour disputes are unresolved disputes between employees and employers. Labour disputes can be both individual and collective.

How to resolve an employment dispute?

Labour disputes could be settled in court and out of court. The pre-trial settlement of employment disputes has some significant advantages over litigation. Apart from requiring less resources and time, the pre-trial settlement of disputes reduces the risk of the loss of the company’s reputation as an employer, and helps to avoid unnecessary attention from the labour inspectorate.

Our services

VALEN offers the following services related to the pre-trial settlement of employment disputes:

  • Legal advice on labour disputes;
  • Examination and analysis of legal documents and reasons for the occurrence of the labour dispute;
  • Forecasting and legal assessment of possible risks;
  • Development of the most reasonable, diplomatic and conciliatory ways to resolve the conflict and development of a sound legal position on the labour dispute;
  • Participation in the negotiation process.

If pre-trial settlement is not possible, VALEN can also represent and protect the interests of the employer in court at any stage of the process and in all instances.


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