Corporate Disputes

Corporate disputes occur due to disagreements arising from the establishment and management of a business entity. Corporate disputes often occur between shareholders (participants) of the business entity, as well as company management. Differences between the parties that remain unsettled may make it impossible to continue to do business.

What disputes are considered corporate?

Corporate disputes are related to:

  • Establishment, reorganisation and liquidation of the business entity;
  • Ownership of shares in the share capital;
  • Claims from cooperate members for damages caused to/by the company;
  • Recognition of deals as null and void;
  • Assignment and termination of powers of company executives;
  • Issue of securities;
  • Convocation of a general meeting of participants;
  • Appeals against decisions adopted by the company’s management bodies;
  • Other disputes related to business management.

Oue Services

VALEN provides a broad range of services related to corporate disputes:

  • Support on issues related to document workflow in the company, preparation of necessary company or internal documents detailing the rights and duties of the company’s management bodies;
  • Consultations on any matters related to corporate law; Assessment of the prospects for the pre-trial resolution of a dispute. In case of failure of the pre-trial settlement, our experts will prepare all the necessary documents to represent the client’s interests in the arbitration court;
  • Protection of the violated rights of shareholders, both in court and out of court (including disputes about deprivation of access to information on the company, violation of the right to receive a share of profits, other violations of the legitimate demands of shareholders);
  • Challenging of deals that are unfavorable for the company and which lead to its insolvency or alienation of property;
  • Recovery from the director of losses incurred by the company as a consequence of his or her unprofessional or illegal actions.


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