Russia plans to create a unified system of registering foreign citizens staying in the country, details on our website

Mar, 31 2021

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia are developing the possibility of creating a unified information platform for foreign citizens’ registration as part of implementation of the Concept of the State Migration Policy for 2020-2022. The relevant information about the legislative initiative has been published on the official website of the Ministry of Digital Development –

The unified database will contain digital profiles of foreign citizens and relevant information about the foreigner, including the following:

  • legal status;
  • biometric data;
  • information about the place of residence;
  • information about employment.

This measure will allow foreign citizens staying in Russia to receive government services in electronic form, formalize employment relations with employers, confirm education, make mandatory payments, and use information services. The implementation of this measure is part of the program of digitalization of the entire migration system of Russia.

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