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How to open a Chinese business in Russia: practical tips and recommendations

Despite the current global crisis, Chinese companies are increasing their presence in the Russian market. The emergence of business relations between the countries began almost 30 years ago and the pace of the presence of Chinese companies is only increasing. Thus, the presence of the Chinese in the Russian market becomes significant.

Aug, 29 2023
How can a citizen of Belarus open an LLC in Russia

Cooperation between Russia and Belarus is a long–term partnership that has allowed us to create an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation. According to it, citizens of Belarus often choose Russia for creating business.

Aug, 29 2023
Establishment of the company with using foreign investments

Establishment of the company with using foreign capital is the important factor in economic development and in foreign investments attraction. This step will produce significant prospects and benefits both for the country, which start the opening process, and for foreign investors.

Aug, 21 2023
How to set up investment company in Russia

Russia is one of the most engaging markets for investors all over the world. The set up of investment company here can give a lot of opportunities to be a part of different economic sectors in Russia and obtaining high income.

Aug, 21 2023
Accreditation of branches of foreign companies in Russia

Every firm from abroad that is going to start commerce in Russia is obliged to register its local office here. According to current legislation, foreign firm in Russia can register a branch, a representative office, or LTD. After it is registered, a foreign business can legally sell their goods or services here, as well as trade without intermediaries. Each of the above structures has its pros, cons, and limitations. Therefore, depending on the goals set, one of these forms may be preferable.

Jun, 02 2023
Registration of LLC in another city

Registration of a legal entity is an event for the opening of a new limited liability company for conducting business. It is generally accepted that entrepreneurs open companies in the place where they live and are going to do business. However, regarding the registration of an LLC in another city, the law says that there is a right to open a company in any city, village, settlement. Thus, there are no legal restrictions. Also, it does not matter for the opening whether the potential founder or director is in the locality at the moment. Moreover, registration of the founder or director at the place of residence is also not important. The only clarification concerns the mandatory availability of a clear and detailed legal address of the future LLC. To register it, it is enough to rent non-residential premises or buy real estate in the location in which the LLC will be opened. In this article we will consider in detail the issues related to the opening of a legal entity in another city.

May, 15 2023
Starting Business In Russia

Opening a business in Russia by citizens of another country is possible in several ways.

May, 01 2023
Incorporation of a joint venture with a foreigner in Russia

A joint venture with a foreign participant is a legal entity formed by merging the capitals of a Russian legal person and a representative of another country. The incorporation of such company is traditionally viewed in a positive way, as it allows attracting foreign capital and foreign technologies to Russia.

Apr, 01 2023
Registration of LLC by proxy: procedure and features of the procedure.

Registration of a limited liability company is the creation of a new legal entity, which is associated with the collection and registration of the necessary documents and the deposit of the authorized capital to the settlement account. You can register an LLC either personally or with the participation of a third party. In this case, the applicant will need a power of attorney.

Mar, 21 2023
Creation of joint ventures: examples in real business

Joint ventures (JV) are a special form of ownership involving the creation of a common company by participants from two countries. Relationships are built on the basis of a unified management of property and other assets.

Mar, 21 2023
Payment of the authorized capital after registration of LLC

The authorized capital is the minimum amount of property that guarantees the interests of creditors, contributed by one or more founders to the company’s account. If there is only one founder in the company, then when it is registered, the entire amount of the authorized capital is paid only by him. If there are several founders in an LLC, then the authorized capital is paid by them in accordance with the shares determined by minutes on the establishment of the LLC or the founding agreement.

Mar, 21 2023
Expanding Your Business in Russia: Understanding the Benefits and Differences between a Branch and a Representative Office

Expanding your business in Russia can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Russia’s vast territory, rich natural resources, and large population offer many opportunities for foreign investors. However, entering the Russian market requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and knowledge of the local laws and regulations. Two common ways of establishing a presence in Russia are by setting up a branch or a representative office. In this article, we will discuss the main differences and benefits of these two options, as well as the legal requirements and registration process.

Mar, 20 2023
Establishing a joint venture with a foreigner in Russia

A joint venture with a foreign participant is a legal entity that is formed by means of a merger of capital between a Russian entity and a representative of another country. The establishment of such a company has traditionally been seen as positive because it allows the attraction of foreign capital and foreign technology into Russia.

Feb, 17 2023
Open a bank account of a foreign company in Russia

The settlement account of a foreign company in Russia is a deposit opened in one of the Russian banks for mutual settlements with counterparties and other domestic and international financial transactions. It is important to take into account that any foreign company that operates in Russia has the right to open a current account with an authorized banking institution. This right is prescribed in Article 13 of Federal Law No. 173-FZ dated 10.12.2003 “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control”. What needs to be done for this, we will tell you in this article.

Feb, 15 2023
Registration of LLC by foreigners in Russia

According to Russian legislation, both foreign legal entities and individuals can create limited liability companies on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, an LLC may be established by a foreign citizen independently or jointly with citizens of the Russian Federation.

Jan, 20 2023
Restoration of corporate control. The essence and procedure of the procedure. In which cases is it relevant

Registration of a company, namely a limited liability company, is not a complicated or labor-intensive procedure today. To do this, it is necessary to have one or more founders, an authorized capital of more than 10,000 rubles, a charter, a protocol on the establishment of an LLC and an agreement if there are several founders. The latter document performs a rather important function – it fixes the size, procedure and terms of payment of shares in the authorized capital for each of the founders in order to avoid a dispute.

Jan, 09 2023