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Registration of LLC by foreigners in Russia

According to Russian legislation, both foreign legal entities and individuals can create limited liability companies on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, an LLC may be established by a foreign citizen independently or jointly with citizens of the Russian Federation.

Jan, 20 2023
Restoration of corporate control. The essence and procedure of the procedure. In which cases is it relevant

Registration of a company, namely a limited liability company, is not a complicated or labor-intensive procedure today. To do this, it is necessary to have one or more founders, an authorized capital of more than 10,000 rubles, a charter, a protocol on the establishment of an LLC and an agreement if there are several founders. The latter document performs a rather important function – it fixes the size, procedure and terms of payment of shares in the authorized capital for each of the founders in order to avoid a dispute.

Jan, 09 2023
Bankruptcy risks for business. How not to aggravate the situation in case of formation of a large debt?

Bankruptcy is the inability of a legal entity to fulfill financial obligations. The bankruptcy procedure is initiated if a limited liability company does not pay its obligations for more than 3 months and the total amount of debt exceeds 300,000 rubles.

Jan, 06 2023
Open Business in Russia. The method for forming a business in Russia

Russia has one of the largest economies in the world as well as a significant domestic market. Foreign investors interested in establishing a business in the nation are drawn to the country’s economic potential. The nation has many special economic zones that attract investment in industries like industrial production, research and development, logistics, and tourism.

Nov, 18 2022
Registration of individual entrepreneur in Russia by non-resident

Non-resident is an individual who lives in the country for at least 183 days a year but is not a citizen. As a rule, these are foreigners, sometimes we are talking about stateless people. The basic law that governs the activities of non-residents is Federal law «Concerning the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation». It does not provide for significant restrictions on entrepreneurship.

Mar, 27 2020
Registration of individual entrepreneur in Russia

Can a foreign citizen registeras a private entrepreneur in Russia? LLC in the Russian Federation or not. The fugures show htat that the business activity of foreigners is higher than that of Russians.

Mar, 27 2020
Accreditation of branches of foreign companies in Russia

Every firm from abroad that is going to start commerce in Russia is obliged to register its local office here. According to current legislation, foreign firm in Russia can register a branch, a representative office, or LTD. After it is registered, a foreign business can legally sell their goods or services here, as well as trade without intermediaries. Each of the above structures has its pros, cons, and limitations. Therefore, depending on the goals set, one of these forms may be preferable.

Feb, 03 2020
Starting Business In Russia

Opening a business in Russia by citizens of another country is possible in several ways.

Nov, 01 2019