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Reorganisation of a Non-Public Joint Stock Company: peculiarities of the procedure, difference from liquidation

Contents: The beginning of reorganisation as a process Peculiarities of a merger of NAPO with another company Peculiarities of a merger or division of NAPO Peculiarities of the spin-off and transformation of NAPO Advantages of reorganisation of non-public joint stock companies Reorganisation of a closed joint stock company or NPAO is…

Apr, 08 2024
How to Open a Bank Account in Russia: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreigners

Are you a foreigner considering opening a bank account in Russia? Whether you’re moving to Russia for work, study, or leisure, having a local bank account

Feb, 13 2024
Public Joint Stock Company: organization and principles of work in Russia

A public joint stock company (PJSC) is one of the main forms of business organization in Russia.

Feb, 07 2024
Non-public joint stock company: what do you need to know about the closed form of JSC?

A non–public joint-stock company is a form of business organization that differs from a public joint-stock company (PJSC) in a number of key features.

Feb, 07 2024
Open Joint Stock Company: characteristics, features and advantages over other forms of business

An open joint stock company is one of the most common organizational and legal forms for large enterprises.

Feb, 07 2024
Joint Stock Company: features and important characteristics. What do I need to know when opening?

A joint–stock company (JSC) is a form of business organization in which the authorized capital is divided into a certain number of shares.

Feb, 07 2024
Establishing a joint venture with a foreigner in Russia

A joint venture with a foreign participant is a legal entity that is formed by means of a merger of capital between a Russian entity and a representative of another country. The establishment of such a company has traditionally been seen as positive because it allows the attraction of foreign capital and foreign technology into Russia.

Jan, 23 2024
Payment of dividends to a foreign founder in Russia

Dividends are a part of the profit that a company pays to its shareholders in the form of cash or other valuables

Jan, 23 2024
How can a citizen of Kazakhstan launch a company in Russia: features of the procedure

Contents: What steps are usually required to register an LLC in Russia? Requirements for the founder What documents do I need to collect? How to calculate taxes? Can a citizen of Kazakhstan open an LLC on the territory of the Russian Federation? This question is asked by many immigrants to…

Jan, 22 2024
Restoration of corporate control. The essence and procedure of the procedure. In which cases is it relevant

Registration of a company, namely a limited liability company, is not a complicated or labor-intensive procedure today. To do this, it is necessary to have one or more founders, an authorized capital of more than 10,000 rubles, a charter, a protocol on the establishment of an LLC and an agreement if there are several founders. The latter document performs a rather important function – it fixes the size, procedure and terms of payment of shares in the authorized capital for each of the founders in order to avoid a dispute.

Jan, 21 2024
Registration of LLC in another city

Registration of a legal entity is an event for the opening of a new limited liability company for conducting business. It is generally accepted that entrepreneurs open companies in the place where they live and are going to do business. However, regarding the registration of an LLC in another city, the law says that there is a right to open a company in any city, village, settlement. Thus, there are no legal restrictions. Also, it does not matter for the opening whether the potential founder or director is in the locality at the moment. Moreover, registration of the founder or director at the place of residence is also not important. The only clarification concerns the mandatory availability of a clear and detailed legal address of the future LLC. To register it, it is enough to rent non-residential premises or buy real estate in the location in which the LLC will be opened. In this article we will consider in detail the issues related to the opening of a legal entity in another city.

Jan, 21 2024
How to start a business from scratch in Russia: registration procedure, what to consider

Russia is a country with great opportunities for entrepreneurs, and in order to successfully start your way in the business world, it is important to know the key steps and implementation requirements.

Jan, 19 2024
Open a bank account of a foreign company in Russia

The settlement account of a foreign company in Russia is a deposit opened in one of the Russian banks for mutual settlements with counterparties and other domestic and international financial transactions. It is important to take into account that any foreign company that operates in Russia has the right to open a current account with an authorized banking institution. This right is prescribed in Article 13 of Federal Law No. 173-FZ dated 10.12.2003 “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control”. What needs to be done for this, we will tell you in this article.

Jan, 17 2024
How to open a Chinese business in Russia: practical tips and recommendations

Despite the current global crisis, Chinese companies are increasing their presence in the Russian market. The emergence of business relations between the countries began almost 30 years ago and the pace of the presence of Chinese companies is only increasing. Thus, the presence of the Chinese in the Russian market becomes significant.

Jan, 16 2024
Bankruptcy risks for business. How not to aggravate the situation in case of formation of a large debt?

Bankruptcy is the inability of a legal entity to fulfill financial obligations. The bankruptcy procedure is initiated if a limited liability company does not pay its obligations for more than 3 months and the total amount of debt exceeds 300,000 rubles.

Jan, 15 2024
Open Business in Russia. The method for forming a business in Russia

Russia has one of the largest economies in the world as well as a significant domestic market. Foreign investors interested in establishing a business in the nation are drawn to the country’s economic potential. The nation has many special economic zones that attract investment in industries like industrial production, research and development, logistics, and tourism.

Jan, 15 2024