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Bankruptcy risks for business. How not to aggravate the situation in case of formation of a large debt?

Contents: Risks of bankruptcy of LLC Debts as the main risk of bankruptcy Bankruptcy is the inability of a legal entity to fulfill financial obligations. The bankruptcy procedure is initiated if a limited liability company does not pay its obligations for more than 3 months and the total amount of…

Sep, 01 2022
Restoration of corporate control. The essence and procedure of the procedure. In which cases is it relevant

Contents: Restoration of corporate control Ways to restore corporate control Supreme Court clarifications on the return of corporate control The requirement to restore corporate control Registration of a company, namely a limited liability company, is not a complicated or labor-intensive procedure today. To do this, it is necessary to have…

Sep, 01 2022
Registration of LLC by foreigners in Russia

Contents: Opening of LLC by a foreign citizen in Russia: procedure of actions Registration of LLC by a non-resident of the Russian Federation without personal presence in Russia According to Russian legislation, both foreign legal entities and individuals can create limited liability companies on the territory of the Russian Federation….

Feb, 09 2022
Registration of individual entrepreneur in Russia by non-resident

Contents: Obligatory set of documents required Registration of individual entrepreneur in Russia by non-resident: procedure to be followed Additional requirements for registration Non-resident is an individual who lives in the country for at least 183 days a year but is not a citizen. As a rule, these are foreigners, sometimes…

Mar, 27 2020
Registration of individual entrepreneur in Russia

Contents: Can a foreign citizen register as a private entrepreneur in Russia? Legal requirements for foreigners begining a business Choosing a business form: a private entrepreneur or LLC How can a foreign citizen register as a private entrepreneur Registering a private entrepreneur with Valen company Can a foreign citizen register…

Mar, 27 2020
Accreditation of branches of foreign companies in Russia

Contents: Definitions Why choose a branch? Accreditation step by step Accreditation terms and cost  Problems and failures Our services Every firm from abroad that is going to start commerce in Russia is obliged to register its local office here. According to current legislation, foreign firm in Russia can register a…

Feb, 03 2020
Starting Business In Russia

Contents: Registration of your own company Registration of a joint venture or purchase of a share Opening of a branch or representative office Conducting business through distributors To register business on your own or to be registered by a specialist? Opening a business in Russia by citizens of another country…

Nov, 01 2019