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Due diligence

Contents: Why is the procedure needed? Practical use of the procedure Types of procedure Who performs the procedure The time it takes for the due procedure diligence Report on the results of the procedure Stages due diligence Due diligence procedure is one of the tasks of a comprehensive study of…

Mar, 30 2022
Real estate due diligence

Contents: Nature and objectives of real estate due diligence The main stages of real estate due diligence Real estate due diligence is a procedure which provides a comprehensive property check and is carried out before it’s buying or renting. Under this procedure legal, financial, tax, construction and technical examinations can…

Mar, 04 2020
Due diligence of contracts

Contents: Collect information Form a dossier Check Due diligence Services of the VALEN company When two parties sign a contract, they both want to get some guarantees, but in practice, you can hardly exclude all risks, you can only minimize them, due diligence procedure was invented just for these purposes….

Mar, 04 2020
Customer Due Diligence

Contents: Basic CDD Technique A risk-based approach to CDD Customer Due Diligence as a Service Here we consider a customer due diligence procedure. What is it, what is that for and who can order such a service. So let’s start with the definition. Customer due diligence (CDD) is a legal…

Mar, 03 2020
Due Diligence report

Contents: Basic Elements of a Due Diligence Report Structure and personnel Assets and liabilities Financial condition Trading indicators Applicable taxes A complex verification procedure which is usually used in world practice, in order to find out the possible risks a business may face in future before entering into an agreement…

Mar, 03 2020
Labour Due Diligence

Contents: Who needs labour due diligence? Areas of inspection Main stages of labour due diligence The term “due diligence” includes the assessment of the company in various areas, including verification of the reliability of the firm, its financial documents and the conduct of inspections in the field of labour law….

Mar, 03 2020
Enhanced Due Diligence

Contents: Risks in different countries What else is at risk? Risk assessment is the foundation of success How do I get additional data? Analysis of the origin of money and beneficiaries Analysis of current transactions Collection of data from social networks and open sources of information On-site analysis Developing a…

Mar, 03 2020
Tax due diligence

Contents: Purposes of a tax due diligence Tax due diligence main steps What do we offer? First, we should define the term itself. An audit is a procedure when a specialist scrutinizes company documents and tries to identify any hidden problems, debts, and other potential problems. Who needs that? When…

Feb, 01 2020
Due Diligence and Compliance

Contents: There are several types of due diligence Commercial Financial Legal Scopes of the due diligence procedure Due diligence and compliance are the procedures which are necessary for conducting any business activity. Both concepts are interrelated as they have a goal of avoiding as much as possible any legal and…

Jan, 16 2020