Due Diligence report

Mar, 03 2020


A complex verification procedure which is usually used in world practice, in order to find out the possible risks a business may face in future before entering into an agreement with a client, partner or contractor. The more detailed data about the transaction is provided, the more reliable decision can be made. The research includes the following:

The ultimate goal of the whole procedure is the most complete picture of future interaction and risk assessment. A report is made at the end of the due diligence procedure.

Basic Elements of a Due Diligence Report

The resulting document must be clear and unambiguous enough so that there are no two-digit interpretations and no additional explanations will be required.

This document must provide a client with confidence in making a certain decision so that it is possible to clearly assess all the possible risks of an investment in question. As a result, a company may decide refuse to sign a contract if, based on the due diligence report, potential risks are too high.

The financial due diligence report may contain the following information:

  • Overall image of the company structure and beneficiaries’ ownership rights as well as all changes for the last reporting year
  • General description of the activities history and types of commercial transactions
  • Presentation of the company’s products and services
  • Analysis of data on the market position and the main competitors (this also includes industry reports on the current state in this market segment)
  • Data on key partners and customers as well as analysis of the turnover volume for the last year
  • Analysis of information on terms of commercial transactions and suppliers for the last year
  • Details of any liabilities to customers, suppliers, creditors and all other liabilities that may affect the operation of the company
  • Data on personal assets and real assets, including cars and other vehicles, buildings and land, other real estate
  • Analysis of data on leased premises, obligations under lease agreements, and debts (if any).
  • Data on intangible assets (intellectual property).
  • Availability of agreements on the acquisition or alienation of property.

Structure and personnel

This section must include the following data analysis:

  • List of directors, general management structure, powers and responsibilities of individuals.
  • The list of those managers who left their positions for the past year and the reasons for such resignations.
  • Information about staff turnover in all departments
  • Analysis of data on key employees and their retention policy
  • Data on average wages and their structure, including various social benefits (vacation, pension and other benefits).

Assets and liabilities

When analyzing the assets and liabilities, the following data is collected:

  • Capitalization and assessment of fixed assets’ depreciation.
  • Analysis of the net book value of property and equipment.
  • Details of any liabilities, various capital expenditures in accordance with the data from the contracts.
  • Details of available reserves 
  • Detailed information about debtors and creditors with an analysis of debt repayment schemes

Financial condition

This includes:

  • Data on income and expenses for the last year.
  • Analysis of the revealed difference in net income for the last year.

Trading indicators

When analyzing trading indicators, the following aspects are checked:

  • Extracts from management reports for the last year
  • Detailed data on trade indicators and variance analysis with planned indicators (if any).

Applicable taxes

This includes the following:

  • Analysis of applied taxation schemes
  • Collecting data on taxes paid and identifying any inconsistencies / arrears.

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Due Diligence report
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