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Work permit in Russia. Who can apply and how?

To get a job in a Russian company, foreigners first need to obtain a patent or work permit in Russia (PHP). This is a permit issued by citizens of other states in order to legally work in the Russian Federation. It is intended for those who temporarily stay in the country and do not have the status of a permanent resident foreigner.

Jan, 20 2024
Business visa to Russia for foreign citizens

Visa is a document which entitles a foreign citizen to cross the state borders. Generally, it not only allows you to stay in the country, but also sets certain restrictions up to the purpose of the trip. Therefore, a tourist stamp does not allow a visitor to enter university as well as private visa does not give the right to work.

Jan, 18 2024
Understanding Employment Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide to Employment Contract Law

In the realm of employment, one crucial document governs the relationship between employers and employees – the employment contract. Understanding the intricacies of employment contracts is essential for both employers and employees. This comprehensive guide will explore the key aspects of employment contracts, shed light on employment contract law, and provide valuable insights into their significance in the workplace.

Jun, 07 2023