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Obtaining temporary residence permit by marriage with the citizen of the Russian Federation

Temporary residence permit or TRP is a document which officially entitles foreigner to live and work in Russia within specified period of time. Obtaining of TRP can be a step on the way to obtaining permanent residence permit or citizenship. However, for many foreigners, this document is the best way to legalize their stay in the country. It is suitable for cases when you do not plan to connect your life with Russia for a long time.

Jan, 11 2023
Entering the Russian Federation with temporary residence permit

Foreign citizens who plan to move to the Russian Federation can obtain a temporary residence permit (TRP). It allows to live and work freely in the country within three years as well as cross the Russian borders at any time. It also entitles the foreigner to apply for permanent residence…

Dec, 08 2020
Temporary residence permit policy in Russia

Foreign citizens who want to stay in Russia on permanent basis need to obtain temporary residence permit (TRP). This document allows to stay in the country for three years, but in most cases TRP policy is issued for the purpose of obtaining permanent residence permit (PRP) in future. The thing…

Dec, 08 2020
How to extend temporary residence permit in Russia

Foreign citizens who want to live in the Russian Federation should obtain temporary residence permit. This document is necessary in order to obtain permanent residence permit in future, but it also allows to legally work in the country, rent a housing or study.

Dec, 08 2020
Permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation

Foreign citizens who want to stay in Russia for long period of time should obtain some necessary documents. In some cases, they can apply for permanent residence permit straight away which allows to stay in the country unlimited period of time, work and do business there. However, most migrants can usually apply only for temporary residence permit first of all.

Sep, 16 2020
Is it allowed to travel abroad or to another region of the Russian Federation with TRP

Temporary residence permit allows foreign citizen to live and work in Russia up to three years. The main advantage of TRP is right to stay in country on legal grounds, work officially and do business.

Sep, 08 2020