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Tax Depreciation: Maximizing Business Benefits Through Strategic Asset Management

Tax depreciation is a critical aspect of financial management for businesses, offering opportunities to offset taxable income by accounting for the depreciation of assets used in income-generating activities.

Jun, 23 2024
Taxation on debt forgiveness by a foreign company

Debt forgiveness, when a lender refuses to repay borrowed funds, is a complex legal and financial issue. If the debt is forgiven by a foreign company, then the taxation of this process may become an object of attention of the tax authorities.

Jan, 18 2024
Taxation when concluding agreements with foreign organizations: what do is important need to know?

Contents: Place of taxation and tax residents What should people pay attention to? What is important to know about taxation? Withholding taxes at source of payments Rules for accounting and document flow The global economy is becoming increasingly integrated, and many companies are looking for opportunities to collaborate with foreign…

Jan, 17 2024
Tax audit

Professional audit of tax accounting helps to avoid problems with legislation, optimize tax base and make the activity of enterprise more efficient. Companies with multi-level structure, including holding companies, especially need tax audit. This service is also popular among companies with extensive network of branches, among medium and small businesses.

Jan, 17 2024
Peculiarities of taxation of foreign citizens in 2023

Contents: Taxation of foreign individuals in accordance with the tax status Taxation of foreign individuals who are not residents Taxation of foreigners when buying property Transport tax for foreigners Taxation of foreigners in the sale of property Taxation of highly qualified foreign specialists in 2023 Payment of insurance premiums for…

Jan, 13 2024
Receiving income from a foreign company and taxation in Russia

The world economy is going global. Every day more and more people and companies participate in international transactions.

Jan, 09 2024
Taxation of branches of a foreign company in Russia

Tax liabilities of a branch of a foreign company in the Russian Federation arise in cases when the branch is officially registered in the territory of the country.

Jan, 03 2024