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A contract for the sale of an enterprise of a property complex

The issue of entering into a contract for the sale of an enterprise of a property complex arises quite often and in many areas of entrepreneurship. The set of measures that make it possible to transfer a particular production to the client’s management involves its own characteristics, which will be useful to study both the supplier and the customer.

Jan, 21 2024
Liquidation of a company through sale. Is it possible to close a business in this way without unnecessary problems?

The liquidation of a limited liability company is the complete cessation of the company’s work from the point of view of an economic entity, as well as the closure of the LLC itself without transferring it to another person.

Jan, 17 2024
A transaction of purchase and sale of business

Future entrepreneurs resort to two options: registration of business in accordance with the provisions of law, or a transaction of purchase and sale of business that is stable in the market. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, the choice is up to the buyer. Transactions for the purchase and sale of business have the following specifics.

Jan, 15 2024
The legal formalization of the sale of business

In the process of doing business, the business owner may face the question of selling it for one reason or another. It is worth saying that in the process of selling business it is the whole process of company’s business activities for profit that makes up the object of the deal, and not the particular property of a company. It is the entire complex of equipment, products and established business processes that is transferred during the sale.

Jan, 12 2024
Termination of the share purchase/sale agreement. Review of practice. What could be the consequences?

A share purchase/sale agreement is a document that regulates and makes legal a transaction for the transfer of rights to shares from one entity to another. Situations when in the process of buying / selling, there is a violation of someone’s rights are not uncommon. In this case, the subject may file a claim with the court to terminate the contract of purchase / sale of shares. In this article, we will analyze in detail the essence of the issue, as well as the order of the process.

Jan, 11 2024
Sale of a share in an LLC to foreign participants

The sale of shares in an LLC to foreigners or companies requires careful preparation. Any transaction related to the sale of a company or its parts involves a waste of time, careful preparation of documents and study of pricing and the market. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how to make a deal to sell assets to foreigners.

Jan, 06 2024
Change of CEO after the sale of LLC. We are figuring out how to properly issue an exit from the company

The general director is a business manager who is responsible for the material, economic and production activities of any enterprise. The director, like any person in the company, is endowed with certain official functions.

Jan, 02 2024
Contesting the purchase/sale of a share. The procedure and methods of cancellation of the contract. Nuances of the procedure

The share in the authorized capital of the LLC is equal to the value of the founder’s rights to conduct business, which is expressed in a certain proportion of his participation in the LLC. In fact, the share gives the subject the right to manage the company’s affairs in proportion to the share of his participation in the business.

Jan, 01 2024