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The legal formalization of the sale of business

Contents: Sale of share in the authorized capital Preparing the company for sale Choosing a way to sell business Negotiation over the cost of a business purchase and sale transaction Business sales and taxes In the process of doing business, the business owner may face the question of selling it…

Feb, 03 2021
A contract for the sale of an enterprise of a property complex

Contents: Legal specifics of the transaction: basic concepts Grounds for entering into a contract for the sale of enterprise The algorithm of business property complex sale Inventory management Creditors Transfer certificate Responsibility and obligations of the seller and the buyer What to do if you bought a complex with disadvantages…

Feb, 03 2021
A transaction of purchase and sale of business

Contents: What is the business being sold Advantages of entering into a deal The process of preparing transaction documentation Important aspects of concluding contracts with LLC Legal assistance in preparation of documents Future entrepreneurs resort to two options: registration of business in accordance with the provisions of law, or a…

Feb, 03 2021