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Audit of accounting and reporting organization

Audit of accounting and reporting organization is designed to create an impartial view of documents’ reliability as well as information reflected by them. The law obliges legal entities to keep records and keep financial statements, so that the company will be able to provide them to partners, auditors, and employees…

Jan, 18 2023
Accounting of electronic services

Conducting tax audit in respect to legal entity, special attention is paid to compliance with legal requirements for accountancy of provided services. Due to active development of information technology, business entities provide customers with online services which have several advantages with increasing frequency. In this regard, question of the correct…

Jan, 11 2023
Verification of accounting and reporting correctness

In accordance with Russian legislation each company is required to maintain accounting records regardless of what industry the company operates in, how many full-time employees and subsidiaries it has. Some organizations are also legally bound to conduct an independent accounting assessment. This requirement is related to the specifics of economic activity.

Jan, 10 2023
Checkup of accounting

Russian laws oblige all companies that are engaged in entrepreneurial activities to maintain accounting records. This requirement also applies to individual entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they have employees or not. Accounting is an integral part of the work of any organization. By its state, you can determine how successful the business is, and checking the accounting allows you to track errors in business activity. Thus, it affects efficiency of the entire enterprise. Without expertise, it is easy to miss serious risks and mistakes, fraught with fines or even criminal liability.

Jul, 23 2020
Internal accounting audit

Accounting – is a system of collection, registration, and analysis of data about company’s business activity in financial terms. Russian legislation requires all companies to keep accounting. Even sole proprietors must comply with these requirements. Accounting data help to assess conditions of company’s affairs, however accounting mistakes may lead to serious consequences such as gross fines from state authorities.

Jul, 23 2020
Accounting and analysis of financial results

Accounting and analysis of financial results are mandatory procedures for enterprises of all legal forms, including LLC. Information on financial results is necessary for comprehensive assessment of the company’s commercial activity. This data is important for owners and executives to make the right management decisions. Moreover, investors, banks, insurance companies…

Jun, 10 2020
Accounting of services provision

Commercial companies usually offer customers and partners not just the products but services as well. It may be the main or associated company’s activity. In any case, if the company provides services, they are subject to accounting. According to the Tax Code a service is an activity, results of which…

Jun, 10 2020
Audit according to sectoral accounting standards

Audit according to sectoral accounting standards is a mandatory procedure for companies which are legally bound to comply with sectoral accounting standards. This category includes non-credit financial and microfinance organizations, management companies, and other businesses. For such companies timely and careful reporting is essential part of business legitimacy. Sectoral accounting…

Jun, 10 2020
Accounting services of contracts

According to legislation, a contract is an agreement of two or more persons include civil rights and responsibilities. Conclusion of contract entails to establishment of a legal connection between parties to agreement. Therefore, in contractual relationship, subjective rights and obligations of parties are realized. An agreement implies contractual obligations: one…

Jun, 02 2020
Accounting services

Professional accounting will allow business owners to make decisions without taking unnecessary risk and will protect them from penalties which may be imposed by tax and other inspection authorities. Accounting services imply several directions of work. The first one is reporting and taxation which includes the following tasks: Forming and…

Jun, 02 2020
Accounting services and tax accounting

The law requires to record and systemize information about the objects of business activity – this is what accounting is particularly involved in. It implies that professionals will form financial reports on the main document flow basis of the company which will help internal and external users to assess the company’s activity.

Jun, 01 2020
Accounting services at simplified tax system

All commercial entities including small and medium sized companies and sole proprietors are obliged to do bookkeeping. However, bookkeeping under simplified tax system has some peculiarities. Although it is easier in comparison with the requirements for companies applying general tax system, some mistakes may lead to penalties and other sanctions imposed by authorities.

Jun, 01 2020
Verification of accounting records

Verification of accounting documentation is an important procedure aimed at preventing errors. Inaccuracies and errors in documents arise for various reasons: due to negligence, insufficient qualifications of the staff, overwork of employees, malfunctions of computers. Errors can be identified when calculating totals and when putting documents to registers. Therefore, all…

Jun, 01 2020
Accounting restoring

Each company must maintain accounting, as well as submit accounting and tax reporting regularly. But sometimes for some reason, accounting and tax accounting was not kept or was maintained incorrectly. Then you should appeal to companies, offering accounting restoration services in order to make your enterprise operate normally again. When…

May, 10 2020
Accounting for individual entrepreneurs

The current legislation obliges not every individual entrepreneur to maintain accounting records, nevertheless filing statements with tax authorities on a regular basis is a must for all. This is regulated by Federal Law No. 402-FZ. Non-compliance with the requirements entails fines and compulsory liquidation for the entrepreneurs. If it is…

May, 10 2020
Attorney services in accounting

Many companies and entrepreneurs need legal support or advice. Especially if there is no internal legal department, then it is necessary that the terms of contracts and agreements are reviewed by a third-party specialist. If the business gets involved in litigation, attorney services may be required even with having full-time lawyers. In any case, the company or individual entrepreneur pays for the assistance of a third-party specialist, and attorney services in accounting are reflected in a certain way.

May, 09 2020