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Legal analysis of incorporation documents

According to art. 52 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, legal entities act on the basis of the articles of association (AoA), which shall be approved by their members. The AoA of commercial corporations (JSC or LLC) is the main document regulating their activities. Also, the AoA contains basic information about the company making possible its identification. Company members can also draw up a memorandum of association (MOA) governing the establishment of an enterprise.

Apr, 17 2023
Analysis of contracts for tax risks

The entrepreneurial activity of any company is connected with the close control of the tax authorities. Therefore, when making transactions, it is necessary to analyze the documents for the presence of tax risks carefully. Before entering into any contract, it is advised to take into account the following mandatory conditions.

Feb, 03 2023
Termination of the contract of purchase and sale of a share in an LLC. In what cases is such a measure necessary to protect your rights?

An agreement for the purchase and sale of a share in an LLC is an officially executed transaction on the transfer of a share in the authorized capital of a company from one person to another for a pre-agreed amount.

Jan, 20 2023
Disputes under a construction contract. Features of conducting such cases in court

A construction contract is an agreement that is concluded between the main customer and the contractor for construction, installation or repair work. The contract most often involves the achievement of the intended goals by the contractor for a certain time and payment for the work performed by the customer in full and within the terms established by the terms of the contract.

Jan, 20 2023
Verification of the delivery contract. What to check, features and nuances of filling out the delivery contract.

The contract of delivery formalizes the purchase of goods for subsequent resale. Each supplier knows the problems with supplies and the subtleties of this activity, so each of them has its own form of contract.

Jan, 16 2023
Corporate agreement. The rights of its participants. Is it possible to conclude an agreement with a third party?

A corporate contract is a document signed by the participants of a joint-stock company or a limited liability company and enshrining their rights and obligations in the framework of solving business and financial issues in business management.

Jan, 05 2023
Legal regulation of the lease agreement. How to compose a document correctly. Checking the lease agreement.

A lease agreement is a civil law document drawn up voluntarily between the owner of an asset and a person wishing to lease this property. The document is the basis for the transfer by the owner of the residential premises to the tenant for a certain fee for temporary use.

Jan, 04 2023
Corporate conflict. How to avoid disagreements within the company?

A corporate conflict in an organization arises against the background of a clash between two subjects of the workflow due to a violation of corporate relations within the team. As a rule, such a conflict always involves finding a way out of this situation in order to maintain a normal workflow.

Jan, 03 2023
Agreement on the establishment of a joint-stock company. How to open a new joint-stock company in 2022?

A joint–stock company is an organizational and legal form of activity of an enterprise whose authorized capital is divided into a certain number of shares (shares). The owners of the shares, in turn, have the right to receive economic profit from the ownership of the asset (receiving dividends) and making decisions regarding the work of the company as a whole.

Jan, 03 2023
How to Draft a Contract for Services

Before you start working with a customer, you should create a service agreement to ensure that you both have the same expectations regarding the work to be done, costs, and other aspects of your working relationship. When you wish to exchange something of value, such as services or intellectual property, for monetary or other payment, knowing how to construct a contract for services is critical. A service agreement is a written contract that is entered into between a service provider and a client. It specifies the work to be done as well as the roles and duties of both parties in having the task done and paid for. A service agreement provides time periods for commencing and completing the task, extra due dates if necessary, and other processes and details involved in the project.

Nov, 18 2022
Creating a sales contract

The contract of sale is a document that certifies in writing the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. This type of transaction implies that the seller assumes the obligation to transfer the goods to the buyer together with all accessories and documents within the prescribed period. And the buyer promises to accept this product and pay a certain amount for it.

Dec, 17 2021
Verification of the lease agreement for non-residential premises

For a non- residential premises lease agreement, the essential conditions are: subject of the agreement. the amount of rent.

Dec, 17 2021
Legal examination of the delivery contract

A supply contract is a document that records agreements between economic entities. One party undertakes to deliver the goods of proper quality in the prescribed quantity within a certain time frame. The other party – the buyer – undertakes to accept and pay for this product in a timely manner. However, like any documents, this contract may require legal expertise designed to protect the interests of the parties.

Dec, 17 2021
Checking the license agreement

Usually, a license agreement is concluded when the parties “share” certain rights, for example, the author of a technical project or industrial model – transfers the rights to use the results of his intellectual activity to others in exchange for a certain reward.

Nov, 02 2021
Comparative analysis of the Collective agreement

A collective agreement is a document regulating business relations in various fields between an employer and an employee. The settlement procedure can take place both through an entrepreneur and through a legal organization. It is also possible otherwise when the contract is concluded between the collective representative and the trade union. An employment contract, unlike a collective one, has its own peculiarity: it is always individual despite the fact that it is based on the principles of collective.

Aug, 08 2021
Comparative analysis of Labor and Civil Law contract

Before conducting a comparative analysis of an employment and civil law contract, it is necessary to understand what each of them represents. The concept and their main features are given in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Aug, 08 2021