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Transactions with residents from unfriendly countries. How to work with foreign partners in 2022?

Contents: The procedure for conducting transactions with firms from unfriendly countries Permission to deal with persons from unfriendly countries The procedure for filing and the period of consideration of the application Transactions with LLC shares from unfriendly countries Restrictions on transactions with entities from unfriendly countries Question-answer Unfriendly countries are…

Oct, 10 2022
Establishment of a branch or representative office of a Russian company on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. How to register a business without problems?

Contents: LLP and branch: what are the differences? Procedure for opening a Limited Liability Partnership on the territory of Kazakhstan Procedure for opening a representative office of a Russian company in Kazakhstan The cost of opening a structural unit on the territory of Kazakhstan Question and answer Kazakhstan is one…

Oct, 10 2022