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An international joint venture

Contents: Definition Basic elements Advantages Disadvantages Definition An international joint venture (JV) occurs when two businesses based on two or more countries form a partnership. A company that wants to explore international trade without taking full responsibility for cross-border business operations has the opportunity to create a joint venture with…

Mar, 20 2023
Open a bank account of a foreign company in Russia

Contents: Grounds for opening a current account Procedure for opening a settlement account in a Russian bank for a non-resident legal entity Stage #1. Registration of a foreign company with the tax authority. Stage #2. Direct opening of a current account in the selected bank. In what cases can the…

Feb, 15 2023
Transactions with residents from unfriendly countries. How to work with foreign partners in 2022?

Unfriendly countries are foreign states that commit actions of an unfriendly nature against Russians and Russian companies. According to the state authorities of the Russian Federation, these actions consist in the introduction of economic and political sanctions, the expulsion of diplomats, the tightening of visas for Russian citizens and other prohibitive or restrictive measures.

Jan, 19 2023
Establishment of a branch or representative office of a Russian company on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. How to register a business without problems?

Kazakhstan is one of the most popular destinations for relocating your own business from Russia to another country. Recently, such a step has become especially relevant for companies working in the field of international trade – exporting and importing goods from or to the Russian Federation, as well as looking for a reliable territory for transit.

Jan, 02 2023