Is it allowed to travel abroad or to another region of the Russian Federation with TRP

Jan, 03 2024

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Temporary residence permit allows foreign citizen to live and work in Russia up to three years. The main advantage of TRP is right to stay in country on legal grounds, work officially and do business.

However, there are some restrictions: document is valid only limited period of time, moreover it is valid only in the region where it was obtained. When obtaining TRP it directly specifies region in which foreigner is granted the right to live and work.

Is it possible to travel within Russia with TRP

Foreigner who has temporary residence permit is entitled to freely leave country and return back. It is important issue for many foreigners since their relatives often stay abroad. Migrants often tend to think that if the document restricts their movement within state, then situation with crossing border is even stricter. However, it is not true: although permit does not allow you to travel freely in the Russian Federation, travelling abroad is not prohibited. At large, it is not forbidden to travel around the territory of the Russian Federation.

Foreigner who has obtained TRP can move to another region of Russia, however, it is necessary to comply with all necessary legal requirements and procedures. Otherwise, migration authorities will consider foreigner’s moving as wrongdoing.

As for foreigner’s departure abroad, there are no legal restrictions. The only requirement is to comply with Russian migration legislation regulating foreigner’s period of stay abroad, whose limit cannot exceed 180 days within one calendar year.

If established deadlines are violated, migration authority may revoke temporary residence permit. If so, foreigner will have to leave the country in a short time. To sup up: foreign citizen who has received temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation is entitled to move around the country, but only complying with all necessary legal requirements.

Terms of stay outside the Russian Federation

As for the question of how many times you can leave Russia with TRP, it should be noted that there are no legal restrictions on the number of foreigner’s trips abroad. You can leave country as many times as you want, but period of stay abroad should not exceed 180 days in total during the year.

How to move to another region

What actions should foreign citizen who has TRP take to change his/her place of residence? In this case, there is separate procedure that should be followed in order not to face sanctions from migration authorities.

First of all: you need to fill in application for change of residence. You can find its sample on the official website of the Ministry of internal Affairs, but do not worry, there is no strict form for such application. It can be written in any form, the main thing – do not forget to put necessary requisites: document’s name, title, Department, full name, date, and signature. This document should be submitted to the territorial Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs, which issued TRP.

Secondly, you will need to present temporary residence permit and ID card along with your application. Third, foreign citizen must have grounds to change his/her place of residence. In other words, your application will be rejected if you cannot justify your moving sufficiently. Reasons for changing place of residence, which the Ministry of internal Affairs considers valid, include:

  • need to be treated or rehabilitated in specific medical facility;
  • admission to higher education institution in another region;
  • need to care for sick relative;
  • change of spouse’s legal registration address;
  • conclusion of employment agreement;
  • purchase of housing and so on.

Important peculiarity: it is necessary to confirm documentarily the reason for changing place of residence. In other words, you will need a copy of employment agreement, medical referral, certificate of enrollment in the University, and so on.

The last stage of procedure is payment of state fee. Payment receipt should be attached to the application and other documents. 

Terms for consideration an application

Authorities will consider the application for change of residence within 2 months and will send written response to the foreigner based on the results. Please keep in mind that procedure takes quite a long time, and it is impossible to speed it up. According to the results of decision, foreign citizen can be removed from migration register in previous place of residence. At the same time, law imposes obligation on foreigner to register with migration authorities at new place of residence.

Thus, personal desire of foreigner to move to another region of Russia is not sufficient ground. If foreign citizen does decide to move to another region without having valid reason, he/she risks losing temporary residence permit, as it may be revoked.

In addition to above-mentioned circumstances and exceeding period of stay abroad, there are a number of reasons why temporary residence permit of foreign citizen can be revoked. Such negative consequence may occur if foreign citizen:

  • was deported or expelled from Russia less than 5 years before submitting the application;
  • seeks to forcibly change constitutional regime or is involved in terrorism;
  • was brought to administrative responsibility more than twice in the last year;
  • submitted false documents or false information about himself/herself along with the application;
  • lives in the Russian Federation for more than 3 years, but does not even have rented housing;
  • poses threat to public safety;
  • has been tried for serious crimes in any country;
  • entered into fictitious marriage.

To sum up, it should be noted that TRP has many advantages for foreign citizens. This document actually makes their long-term stay in country legal, allows them to freely study, work, and do business. Having TRP in Russia, foreign citizen can:

  • freely cross borders and leave country at any time;
  • work on legal basis, so there is no need to obtain work patent or work permit;
  • get free medical care in state hospitals;
  • obtain permanent residence permit and then citizenship.

As soon as all requirements of obtaining temporary residence permit in Russia are complied with and foreign citizen has obtained document, he is legally bound to pass mandatory fingerprint registration. This procedure consists of taking fingerprints and placing them in database. This is just formality; however, registration allows to quickly identify person if necessary. Fortunately, procedure does not require much time and money.

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Is it allowed to travel abroad or to another region of the Russian Federation with TRP
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