Entry to Russia with a Temporary Residence Permit

Jan, 23 2024

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Foreigners who plan to settle in the Russian Federation, issue a document such as a temporary residence permit. It allows you to live and work in the country for three years, freely cross the border at any time, and also apply for a residence permit.

For many, the Temporary Residence Permit is not the main document, but only part of the procedure for obtaining citizenship or a residence permit. They live in Russia, using a permit, for only a year, after which they have the right to issue a residence permit. However, the Temporary Residence Permit itself has many advantages. In particular, entry to Russia with a Temporary Residence Permit is greatly simplified for citizens of a number of states. There is no need to apply for a visa, while the law does not restrict the foreigner in the number and frequency of entries and exits.

What rights do foreign citizens with Temporary Residence Permit have?

A temporary residence permit allows you to legally work and run your own business. However, only in the region where this document was issued. But you do not need to additionally buy a patent or issue a work permit. Also, a foreigner can apply for a medical policy and receive free care in public hospitals and polyclinics. Of course, a year after the registration of the Temporary Residence Permit, he has the right to obtain a permanent residence permit. And this document, unlike the Temporary Residence Permit, is indefinite.

To freely enter Russia and leave the country is another right conferred on a foreigner by a temporary residence permit. There are no restrictions on entry into Russia with a Temporary Residence Permit. Therefore, you can go on a business trip, vacation or go home at any time to solve family and personal issues. If necessary, you can cross the border at least every day, the main thing is that in total you are not abroad for more than 6 months a year. However, there are exceptions to this rule, but we will talk about them later.

Pay attention to an important nuance: crossing the border in any direction is not limited, but a foreign citizen with a Temporary Residence Permit will not be able to freely move around the country. This does not mean that a foreigner is prohibited from traveling in Russia. No one forbids you to go to the beach from Moscow to Sochi in the summer. However, to move from region to region, you need to comply with a number of requirements and procedures established by law. Otherwise, the regulatory authorities will regard moving around the country as an offense. This can be fraught not only with a fine, but also with problems with obtaining a residence permit in the future.

Are the owners of the Temporary Residence Permit allowed to leave Russia?

As for the departure of a foreign citizen abroad, there are no legal restrictions. A foreigner can travel abroad as many times as necessary. The only condition is compliance with the Russian migration legislation regulating the period of stay of a foreign citizen abroad, the limit of which cannot exceed 180 days within one calendar year. Violation of the established deadlines may result in the cancellation of a temporary residence permit.

Moving within Russia

A foreign citizen who has received a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation has the right to move around the country, but in compliance with all necessary legal requirements. If a foreigner decides to move to another region of Russia, he must comply with the following formalities:

  1. write an application for a change of residence and submit it to the territorial department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of issue of the Temporary Residence Permit. There are no legal requirements established regarding the form of this application. It can be written in any form.
  2. a foreign citizen, of course, will need a temporary residence permit and an identity card.
  3. a foreign citizen must have grounds to change his place of residence, which include:
    • illness of a relative and the need for constant care for him;
    • purchase of housing;
    • the need for treatment or rehabilitation in a medical institution;
    • conclusion of an employment contract;
    • enrollment in an educational institution, etc.

The motive for the change of residence must be documented.

4. a foreign citizen will need a receipt for payment of the state fee.

Compliance by a foreign citizen with all of these legal requirements will allow him to legally change his place of residence and move to another region of the Russian Federation, avoiding adverse consequences from the regulatory authorities.

As we have already found out, the personal desire of a foreign citizen to change the region of residence in Russia is not a sufficient reason. If a foreign citizen still decides to move to another region without having an appropriate reason, he risks losing his temporary residence permit, since it can be canceled.

In addition to the above-mentioned circumstances and exceeding the period of stay abroad, there are a number of reasons why officials can cancel a temporary residence permit. The law provides such reasons for the cancellation of the Temporary Residence Permit:

  • a foreigner threatens the public security of the country;
  • is directly related to terrorist activities;
  • was expelled or deported from the country within 5 years prior to submitting documents for the Temporary Residence Permit;
  • submitted forged documents or provided deliberately false information about himself;
  • has a criminal record for a serious or especially serious offense in the territory of any state;
  • was brought to administrative responsibility at least twice during the last calendar year;
  • has no housing after three years of residence in the country (including a rented apartment or room);
  • entered into a fictitious marriage with a citizen of the Russian Federation in order to issue documents.

In compliance with Russian laws, the risk of facing sanctions from regulatory authorities is minimal. And in such cases, their decision can be challenged administratively or judicially.

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Entry to Russia with a Temporary Residence Permit
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