Temporary Residence Permit in Russia

A temporary residence permit (TRP) is issued in the form of a passport stamp and confirms the right of a foreign national to temporarily stay in the Russian Federation until he or she obtains a permanent residence permit.

The TRP is an intermediate stage between a temporary stay in the Russian Federation and a permanent one, since it is obligatory to get the temporary permit before the permanent permit can be obtained. Also, the TRP allows foreign nationals to legally work in the Russian Federation without a need to obtain a work permit.

The temporary residence permit is valid for three years and cannot be further extended. Additionally, the TRP permits a foreigner to live and work in one region only.

The temporary residence permit can be issued within or outside the quota limits, which are approved by the Government of Russian Federation annually for each region of the RF.

How to obtain temporary residence permit?

To obtain a temporary residence permit foreign nationals should personally submit) a written application with the required documents, to the General Directorate of Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (hereinafter GUVMIt takes 6 months for the application to be processed.

What documents are required to obtain the temporary residence permit?

  • Two copies of the application;
  • Two 3*4, color, matt photos;
  • Passport (original);
  • Certificate of no criminal record (received (dated) no earlier than 3 months prior to submitting the documents);
  • Medical certificate;
  • Certificate of knowledge of the Russian language, history and legal framework;
  • Registration;
  • Migration card; Document confirming payment of fee.

In what cases can temporary residence permit be denied?

The most frequent cases of refusal are:

  • Violation of requirements regarding the form and content of TRP application;
  • Factual errors in the personal data of the applicant;
  • Failure to provide documents or the provision of documents that do not conform to the requirements of Russian legislation;
  • No more permits available according to the quota system.

Notification of residence

The law requires the foreign national to annually notify the public authorities of one’s stay as a foreign national on TRP, and one’s income.

The foreign national should submit notification of income within two months the anniversary date of receipt of the TRP.


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