Temporary residence permit policy in Russia

Dec, 08 2020

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Foreign citizens who want to stay in Russia on permanent basis need to obtain temporary residence permit (TRP). This document allows to stay in the country for three years, but in most cases TRP policy is issued for the purpose of obtaining permanent residence permit (PRP) in future. The thing is that after one year of living in the country on the TRP basis a foreigner can apply for permanent residence permit. 

To tell the truth, it is incorrect to call TRP as a policy in Russia. This is due to the fact that policy is a document confirming that a person has entered into an insurance contract. This is absolutely out of question in the case of residence permit.

The main advantage of temporary residence permit is that it allows a foreigner to work in the country within three years. It means that there is no need to additionally buy patents or apply for specific permits. Temporary residence permit will be enough to get a job in a Russian company. However, there is a whole list of exceptions to this rule. For example, foreigners cannot hold government positions, serve in the navy, or work with confidential information.

The TRP policy in Russia also grants foreigners the following rights:

  • to cross the Russian border without additional permits any number of times a year;
  • to work in the country, run your own business in the region where TRP has been issued;
  • to seek free medical care from government agencies;
  • to get permanent residence permit a year after TRP is issued, and in some cases, even apply for Russian citizenship.

Let us take a closer look at some aspects related to living in Russia on the basis of TRP.

Health insurance

We have already found out that TRP is not a policy in Russia as such, but a foreigner who has obtained this document will definitely need a “real” policy: we are talking about obtaining medical insurance. This is due to the fact that the law requires obtaining mandatory medical insurance policy, which confirms the right of a foreign citizen to free medical care in state institutions throughout the Russian Federation.

Presence of such policy and TRP in Russia allows to get a number of certain services. You should not disregard this legal requirement a citizen of another state cannot claim free ambulance, primary medical care, as well as specialized medical services without this policy. The latter may also include high-tech medical procedures and operations.

Is it possible to do without mandatory medical insurance policy? If for some reason it is not possible to issue it, the law provides for a different form of health insurance: voluntary, on a commercial basis. However, you cannot do without insurance at all. Violation of this requirement can lead to serious difficulties when treatment is required, and such situations often occur suddenly. However, without mandatory or voluntary health insurance, a foreigner can only qualify for emergency care. In other words, Russian doctors will not let a migrant die in case of force majeure, but without a medical policy, they do not have the right to treat him even for the flu.

It is worth saying a few more words about voluntary insurance. It is granted to foreign citizens who do not have a temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit or temporary asylum. Voluntary medical insurance policy entitles foreigners to get free medical care. Failure to comply with this obligation is fraught with adverse consequences on the part of regulatory authorities.

How to obtain mandatory medical insurance policy for a foreign citizen with TRP:

  1. Choose an organization that provides the appropriate services. It should be noted that not all insurance and medical institutions in Russia have the right to issue a policy. Therefore, make sure that the insurance company is included in the relevant state register.
  2. Apply to the selected organization. This is a simple procedure that does not take much time.
  3. Get a temporary certificate from a medical institution. It will be valid for 45 days until the mandatory medical insurance policy is issued.
  4. Complete the procedures by receiving the final document at the insurance company’s office.

However, getting a policy requires compliance with a few more formalities. After a foreign citizen receives policy, he needs to be enrolled with a medical institution: a polyclinic (hospital). The choice of a polyclinic depends entirely on person’s desire, the law does not set forth any strict requirements in this regard.

Then it is necessary to fill in an application to the chief doctor of the selected clinic. A copy of the application will be issued to a foreign citizen at the medical institution itself. It should be noted that you will need a passport to fill out the document, so you must have it with you. If the clinic for some reason does not suit you, the law allows you to change it once a year.

The health insurance policy is terminated as soon as the TRP expires. Temporary residence permit is valid only for three years. By the end of this period, it is necessary to either apply for a permanent residence permit or leave the country.

Thus, the main advantage of applying for a mandatory health insurance policy for a foreigner is that it allows to get free medical care in Russia. Obtaining of policy allows not only to comply with the law, but also to significantly save your own money on medical services. From a financial point of view, voluntary health insurance is less profitable, but it also allows you to count on getting free medical care if necessary.

Finally, if a foreigner does not have medical insurance policy regulatory authorities may consider it as a ground for liability. As a rule, it is a fine. However, presence of several protocols on administrative violations may be a ground for refusing to issue permanent residence permit in future.

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Temporary residence permit policy in Russia
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