“Unreliable legal address“ notification - what to do?

Jul, 30 2018

According to the Russian legislation, in the case when the company has received the notification that the registered address in not reliable, it should provide the registration authority (the Federal tax service) with the actual data or the documents that confirm that registered data is reliable. Examples of such documents may be the certificate of ownership or the rental contract.

In the case when the above-mentioned documents are not provided within 30 days since the notification has been sent, the “address unreliability record” should be included to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

Such record has numerous adverse consequences for the company, as well as for its director and shareholders:

exclusion of the company from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities upon the expiry of 6 months since the “address unreliability record” was made
the impossibility for the director and shareholders to register new legal entities
the administrative liability for the company’s management
the suspension of current account transactions
possible recovery of civil damages caused to the thirds parties by the data unreliability

If such record is included to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, the company could try for its exclusion by application to the registration authority for modification in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities and disclosure of the actual office address. In the case of unlawful data unreliability record the company has the right to file a lawsuit in court.

Thus, we recommend to disclose the actual office address by registering of the company, to avoid the mass business addresses and to update the data in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities in due time in the case of the office’s relocation. You may check whether the address is a mass business address using the official website of the Federal tax service.

Valentina Khlavich
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner