Vacation and pandemic

Aug, 11 2021

The pandemic played a huge role in the usual work schedule. Constantly imposed restrictive measures forced companies to learn how to function in new circumstances. Amid all the changes, employees began to change their perspective on the work process. A significant role in employee attitudes toward work and vacations was played by the experience of remote work in foreign and Russian companies. Employees are increasingly giving up vacation time in favor of improving efficiency.

According to the decision of the constitutional court unused vacation time does not expire and employees will still have to take it, as monetary compensation for these days is paid only on termination of employment, Ksenia Mikhailichenko, attorney at law, head of labor law practice at “Soldatkin, Zelena & Partners”, says. Employers are also interested in regular vacations: if an employee fails to take a vacation for two years in a row, the employer may be fined 30,000-50,000 rubles in accordance with Article 5.27 of the Administrative Code, says Mikhaylichenko.
Employees go on vacation according to the schedules approved in December of the previous year, and employers have no right to deny them vacation on those days, Mikhailichenko continues. However, vacations for the previous year are usually not included in the schedule. Therefore, employees can use such leave only by agreement with the employer – forcing him to provide unpaid vacation on the dates of his choice will not work.

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Vacation and pandemic
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