New in legislation – June 2021.

Jun, 30 2021
  1. Simplification of the procedure for IT-companies’ state accreditation

From August 1, 2021, IT-companies will be able to apply for state accreditation through Public Services website. The current need to send a relevant application to the Ministry of Digital Development will not be any more necessary to be complied with.

The accreditation period is also significantly reduced – it will be 1 working day from the date of application submission instead of the currently valid 30 working days.

In addition, it will not be necessary to attach a certificate confirming that the company operates in the IT industry.

  • Reduced insurance premiums for a new IT-company

Newly created companies operating in the field of information technology have the right to apply reduced rates of insurance premiums, provided that the average number of employees for the reporting period is at least 7 people.

It is necessary to add up the average number of employees for each calendar month from the date of creation to the end of the reporting period and divide it by the number of such months to calculate the average number of employees.

Meanwhile, we would like to remind you that the following insurance premium rates apply to IT-companies:

  • for compulsory pension insurance – 6%;
  • for compulsory medical insurance – 0,1 percent;
  • for compulsory social insurance – 1,5%.
  • Electronic personnel document management – the State Duma has approved a draft law in the first reading

It is proposed to transfer some of the personnel documents to an electronic format, while eliminating the need to duplicate these documents in paper form.

The parties to labor relations will be able to exchange personnel documents using the employer’s information system or the specialized platform “Work in Russia”.

We would like to remind you that an experiment is being conducted with the voluntary participation of employers on the use of electronic personnel documents at the moment, at the end of which, as expected, the above legislative amendments will come into force.

  • The Federal Tax Service has approved documents for electronic business interaction

The Federal Tax Service has approved the guidelines on the procedure for exchanging electronic documents within the framework of optimization business activity through digitalization the document flow between business entities and state authorities.

The guidelines contain the following:

  • procedures for independent interaction between organizations or through an electronic document management operator (EDI);
  • recommendations for entering into an agreement between organizations that operate without an EDI operator;
  • the type of signature available to participants for use.
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New in legislation – June 2021.
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