From July 2022, it will be possible to affix an electronic apostille on the documents

May, 19 2021

The Ministry of Justice has prepared a draft legal act that establishes the ability to affix an apostille on the necessary documents in electronic form. According to the draft Resolution, the following innovations are proposed:

  • to provide an opportunity to send an application for apostille affixing in electronic form, that is, without the need for the applicant’s personal presence;
  • certification of documents will be carried out with the help of enhanced qualified electronic signature;
  • the electronic version of the apostille will contain a special code with a link to the register of apostilles in electronic form;
  • the register of apostilles in electronic form will be maintained by the competent authority.

Despite the introduction of the possibility of affixing an electronic apostille, the applicant will still be able to receive an apostille in the form of a paper document. It is assumed that the digitalization of this procedure will make it more accessible.

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