President announced the end of National non-working period on May, 12

May, 12 2020

National non-working period ends on May 12, announced Vladimir Putin on May 11.

Regional officials have been tasked with deciding on gradual lifting of anti-coronavirus restrictions independently.

At the same time, the introduced regime of restrictions has been remained.

Sanitary regulations should be observed to fully exit restrictions regime.

Starting 12 May activity of the key sectors of the economy – construction, energy, agriculture, industry and communication, resumes operation where it is possible.

The following supportive measures are proposed:

  1. For business of affected industries and social-oriented non-profit organizations
  • Starting June 1 to provide a loan at a preferential credit rate of 2% for salary payment in amount of 1 minimum wage for each employee. If 90% of the employees kept their jobs, the loan amount and interest will be deducted;
  • Cancellation of all tax payments, except VAT, in the second quarter of 2020 for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Provision of tax deduction on insurance contributions in the amount of 1 minimum wage to individual entrepreneurs.

2. For self-employed

  • Tax paid in 2019 to be refund in full;
  • Provision of tax capital in the amount of one minimum wage for tax payments in 2020.

3. Additional measures

  • Recapitalization of state microfinance organizations worth 12 billion rubles;
  • Provision of federal payments to social institutions’ employees for three months in the amount up to 60 thousand rubles.

The president also announced separate meetings on industries, including communications, IT, and the agro-industrial complex.

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President announced the end of National non-working period on May, 12
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