The restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens to Russia have been extended

May, 06 2020

The Government extended measures to restrict the entry of foreign citizens to Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, a ban on entry into Russia for foreigners and stateless persons was introduced before May 1, 2020.

At the same time, exact dates for lifting restrictions are not named yet due to the unpredictability of disease growth’s dynamics. According to the Prime Minister, the ban on the entry of foreign citizens will be extended until the epidemiological improvement.

However, this restriction will apply not to all foreigners: according to the text of the Government’s order, the entry of specialists carrying out maintenance of imported equipment will be allowed. This exception will reduce the negative impact of restrictions on the activities of industrial enterprises, including manufacturing equipment against coronavirus.

Moreover, the ban on entry into the country is lifted for participants of state program for the resettlement of compatriots to Russia, and for Russians with dual citizenship, residence permit or other document confirming the right of permanent residence in a foreign country – for leaving Russia to the place of permanent residence.

Exceptions for the following categories of citizens also continue to apply:

  • Foreign diplomats and members of their families;
  • Persons with ordinary private visas issued in special cases by decision of the Russian Foreign Ministry;
  • Family members of Russian citizens;
  • Persons in transit through air border crossing points;
  • Truck and train drivers, crews of aircraft and ships.

These restrictive measures will remain in effect until further notice.

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The restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens to Russia have been extended
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