Self-isolation regime in Moscow is extended until May 31, restrictions will be gradually lifted

May, 08 2020

Decrees of Mayor of Moscow №55-УМ and №56-УМ dated May 7, 2020, introduced the following amendments to Decree «On the features of responsibility measures for violation of high-alert regime in Moscow by organizations and individual entrepreneurs’ application»:

  • Temporary restrictions on the functioning of trade, public catering, services, culture, education, sports and other non-productive industries, as well as the regime of self-isolation of citizens, is extended until May 31, 2020.
  • Digital permits for trips to the office that expire on 11 May will remain in effect through May, 31. Those who return to office from May, 12 are also required to obtain digital permits.
  • Within gradual restrictions lifting, industrial and construction enterprises may return to work starting May 12, 2020. It is mentioned that their activity should comply with strict requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological regime;
  • Starting 12 May, due to the potential increase in use of public transport as industrial and construction enterprises returns to work, people will be required to wear masks, respirators in shops, trading centers and in all types of public transport and in taxis.

In addition, the day before, it was announced that Rospotrebnadzor has developed a three-stage plan of lifting the restrictions.

At the same time, decisions on easing the self-isolation regime for citizens will be made directly by the heads of regions, and the main criteria for lifting the restrictions will be the rate of increase in the incidence of disease, available places in hospitals and the number of tests performed for coronavirus.

The plan of lifting the restrictions includes the following steps:

  1. Removing restrictions on sports and outdoor walks for citizens and the resumption of work for trade and service enterprises with space limitations and compliance with social distance.
  2. Joint walks with family members are allowed, the resumption of work for trade objects and services with a larger area, but with a compliance to restrictions on the number of simultaneously served clients, as well as work of educational institutions.
  3. The opening of parks and squares in compliance with social distance, the resumption of work for trade and service organizations, regardless of the area and number of clients served, as well as the resumption of normal work of hotels, educational organizations, catering establishments.

However, it is noted that with the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, restrictive measures could be introduced again.

Finally, according to the information letter of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, starting May, 12, due to the expiration of acts that impose restrictions on the work of courts, the activities of the courts and bodies of the Judicial Department will be carried out as usual, in compliance to the requirements stipulated by the decisions of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia and the conditions of high-alert regime introduced in the relevant region of the Russian Federation.

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Self-isolation regime in Moscow is extended until May 31, restrictions will be gradually lifted
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