Accounting outsourcing

May, 09 2020

Accounting outsourcing for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs is a remote accounting service that covers the entire range of services required by companies. Outsourcing can solve both project and unforeseen tasks, as well as ongoing, arising on a daily basis.

The following tasks may require accounting outsourcing:

• preparation of accounting and tax reports, its submission to the relevant state authorities;

• registration of wages accounting;

• personnel accounting;

• cash transactions, reporting on the financial results of the company;

• preparation of financial and consolidated statements;

• search and analysis of the most favorable tax system;

• reconstruction of accounting;

• internal audit.

The above services for accounting outsourcing are provided remotely, which significantly reduces their price. Nevertheless, some tasks require the full-time presence of specialists e.g. in a state authority. Outsourced accounting services imply that the specialist will also be able to visit client if necessary.

Benefits of outsourcing accounting

The advantages of remote accounting include the following:

• Keeping records and reporting to tax authority through online accounting.

• Ability to use the services of an accountant on a specific issue. For example, an outsourced accountant can help to correctly calculate taxes and file returns on time. Moreover, such a specialist will not go deep into the business and work with all documents on a daily basis. Analysis and solutions will be provided only on issues of interest to the client.

• Reducing costs for jobs, contributions to the budget, as well as the installation and technical support of 1C.

• Outsourced specialist most often works with a large number of clients from different industries, so his experience is much wider than that of a full-time accountant.

The service of full accounting outsourcing in Moscow may be beneficial for large and medium-sized companies which need both ongoing accounting support and advice on extraordinary situations.

What is included in accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing usually includes:

• preparation and submission of tax and accounting reports to state authorities and non-budgetary funds;

• accounting in accordance with Russian accounting standards (maintenance of the General Ledger and accounting registers; closing of reporting periods), preparation and submission of regular accounting reports in accordance with RAS and Russian Tax Code;

• calculation of salaries, taxes and insurance premiums;

• processing of incoming documents (acts / invoices, invoices from counterparties);

• support of banking transactions (preparation of payment orders);

• representation of client interests in tax authorities and non-budget funds.

In addition, accounting outsourcing involves regular consultations of the entrepreneur on important issues. 

Consulting services cover the following issues:

• tax planning and development of a financial model;

• support during tax audits;

• due diligence in the field of taxes and finance;

• automation of business processes;

• claiming receivables.

VALEN services

VALEN offers accounting outsourcing in Moscow and other regions. Our experts have many years of experience in the field of outsourcing accounting in Moscow for LLC, IP, as well as other types of organizations. Experienced accountants will put in order the current documentation, submit all the necessary reports on time, and will also advise the client on how to avoid mistakes in further work.

The cost of outsourcing accounting with us is much lower than the costs of finding, hiring and maintaining a full-time accountant. To get the service, leave a request on our website or dial: +7 (495) 7-888-096. We are also waiting for you at our office in Moscow.

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Accounting outsourcing
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