Updating the rules on tax fees

Aug, 30 2023

In the second quarter of 2023, the Supreme and Constitutional Courts of the Russian Federation adopted new resolutions in the areas of payment of corporate income taxes in bankruptcy. New laws and updates were posted on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Some of them will come into force this fall.

Now the income from property sold at auction will also be included in the corporate income tax, if we are talking about bankruptcy proceedings. This is due to the fact that the existing Bankruptcy Law has the opposite position from the constitutional one. Now the changes will be satisfied as part of the third queue of creditors. Also, the recoverer will now have the right to independently send a request for reimbursement of funds.

When the tax base is determined, the expenses of enterprises that meet the requirements of the taxpayer cannot be accounted as at a loss. We are talking about profits in the implementation of entrepreneurial activities and ensuring the production process.

The taxpayer will be entitled to a refund if he has paid more than the required amount of tax. In this case, he will have three years to file a lawsuit.

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Updating the rules on tax fees
Valentina Khlavich
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