The Ministry of Finance proposes an experiment on electronic business registration.

Aug, 02 2023

In September 2023, a pilot project of online business registration will begin. The authors of the project are also considering the possibility to remotely select a bank for a corporate account and issue an EDS. The project will be until May 2025, after which, if it becomes successful, it will be put into permanent use. The Federal Tax Service will monitor the progress of the experiment.

It is assumed that the new project will help simplify the process of obtaining services for starting a business. It should also increase the efficiency of remote interaction of economic entities.

“Start a Business online” is the name of an experiment that offers not only to remotely register a business from anywhere in the world, but also to open an account and order an electronic digital signature via the Internet. Personal presence in this case will not be necessary. There are no requirements for participants, any companies and individual entrepreneurs will be able to be a part of the test.

The first bank that will allow you to open an account remotely will be Sberbank. It will be the participant of the first stage of the experiment. At the next stage, other banks will be added to it if they express their desire to participate. The whole experiment will be voluntary, banks will be able to decide for themselves whether they want to provide services for opening corporate accounts online or not.

Any client or user of the unified biometric system will be able to open a bank account remotely.

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The Ministry of Finance proposes an experiment on electronic business registration.
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