Some categories of foreign citizens will be able to enter Russia

Jun, 30 2020

Since June 25, 2020, the highly qualified specialists (HQS) obtained the possibility of a single entry into Russia under the following conditions:

• availability of a work permit;

• staying abroad.

This possibility is set forth in the Parliament’s Decree No. 1671-r dd. June 25, 2020.

The following steps need to be fulfilled so the HQS could enter Russia:

• The employer sends a letter to the federal executive authority which is in charge of this employer, inquiring to support the trip and to approve the HQS with the FSB and Ministry of Internal Affairs. The letter shall also indicate the entry point and the date of entry into Russia of the HQS;

• If response from the state authorities is positive, information about it is entered into a special list;

• Then a single-entry visa can be issued at the consulate of the Russian Federation abroad;

• When entering Russia, the HQS must show his or her passport and a valid employment contract.

Also, in relation to such HQS, the processing and issuance of invitations to enter Russia, as well as work permits, resumes.

Despite the softening of entry regime, the requirements for observing quarantine within 14 days after crossing the border are still valid for foreigners.

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Some categories of foreign citizens will be able to enter Russia
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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