Self-isolation regime and digital passes are canceled in Moscow, service sector will also resume its work

Jun, 09 2020

The Mayor of the city, Sergey Sobyanin, has declared that from the 9th of June the self-isolation regime in Moscow is canceled. It means that all citizens (including people who are older than 65 years old) can freely walk around the city without making digital passes.

Also, the following restrictions will be lifted in stages:

• From June 9, beauty salons, veterinary clinics, photo studios and HR agencies resume work. Theater and film studio staff are also able to go to work for rehearsals;

• Car sharing is now normally operating;

• From June 16 dentists, libraries (only by appointment), rental services, museums, zoos and summer verandas of restaurants will be opened;

• From June 23, fitness clubs, swimming pools, kindergardens and playgrounds, as well as the indoor premises of restaurants will work again.

Despite the early lifting of restrictions, wearing masks and gloves in public places remains mandatory (if you walk on the street you can only wear mask). Resuming organizations will also be required to comply with all measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus. For example, it will be necessary to monitor the number of people being in the room at the same time and to maintain a safe distance.

Also, international flights will be resumed in the following cases:

• Russian citizens can go abroad to study, work, receive medical care, or to take care of sick relatives;

• Foreign citizens will be able to enter the Russian Federation to receive medical care and to take care of sick relatives.

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