Accounting services

Jun, 02 2020

Professional accounting will allow business owners to make decisions without taking unnecessary risk and will protect them from penalties which may be imposed by tax and other inspection authorities.

Accounting services imply several directions of work. The first one is reporting and taxation which includes the following tasks:

  • Forming and sending reports to the Federal Tax Service, Pension and Social Security Funds, Federal State Statistics Service (including «zero» reporting);
  • Work with any tax system (general or simplified);
  • Submission of reports through the Internet.

The second direction of work is accounting and tax accounting services for LLC and other business forms. They include the following tasks:

  • forming primary documentation;
  • setting up and restoring accounting records;
  • professional accountant’s consultation;
  • remote accounting.

Accounting in Moscow and other Russian cities usually involves the tasks of personnel accounting and payroll. This work includes:

  • accrual of salaries, and fringe benefits;
  • calculation of payroll taxes and contributions;
  • formation of payment orders and receipts.

Finally, one of the most important spheres is legal optimization of the tax burden. It includes the following activities:

  • calculating how much less the company can pay;
  • explanation what benefits you can use;
  • search and fix accounting mistakes.

Accounting outsource is cost-effective and safe. Recently, it has been difficult to imagine the company without a full-time accountant, and all accountant’s work being performed by outsource specialists. However, the practice of remote accounting has proven to be effective. It allows the company to save money and to get better quality and, importantly, uninterrupted operation. Company providing outsourced accounting services guarantees several advantages at once:

  • Reliability: we have a qualified and highly experienced staff; we can provide recommendations of our regular customers and guarantee successful completion of tax audits.
  • Cost-effectiveness: outsourcing costs are lower than expenses on your own employee, maintaining jobs, and purchasing software. In addition, you save your own time on financial issues.
  • Service: we are available on all workdays; service is not affected by employee vacations or sick days. In addition, we can remotely manage bank accounts, submit reports and work with 1C.
  • Individual approach: accounting of LLC in Moscow or another city will be handled by an accountant assigned to your organization. He or she will also undertake regular checks with the tax inspectorate.

In 2020, many companies are faced with the fact that they are not ready to fully operate in the conditions of quarantine and “remote work”: weak IT-platform, complexity of employees’ interaction and work control outside the office. Accounting services provided by an outsourcing company initially involve remote operation. Outsourcing accounting does not need to be controlled, since it follows a well-established methodology, and all business processes are automated.

Our specialists have a great experience in servicing companies operating in various fields. We conduct accounting in the interests of each company, considering all the subtleties of Russian legislation. The qualification of specialists allows to solve the tasks as fast as possible without compromising the quality of work.

VALEN offers accounting services in Moscow and other regions. We provide outsourcing services for LLC, JSC and sole proprietors. VALEN specialists have many years of experience in organizing accounting and outsourcing services. Our accountants will put the current documentation in order, will submit all the necessary reports on time, and will advise on how to eliminate mistakes in further work as well.Please contact us directly at +7 (495) 7-888-096 or leave a request on our website. We will be glad to see you in our office in Moscow as well.

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Accounting services
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